Stacey Dash, Shyne and Other Celebrity Mitt Romney Supporters

Stacey Dash and Other Celebs Who Openly Support Romney 

If you thought that actress Stacey Dash was alone in her open support for Governor Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election, you thought very wrong. As previously reported, Dash, an Afro-Latina, was blasted online after posting a message on Twitter that read, “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future.”

Since then, the thespian’s appeared on Piers Morgan’s show to defend herself. “I really don’t understand the fury. I don’t get it. I was shocked, really shocked. But you can’t expect everyone to agree with you,” said the Clueless star. “It’s my right as an American citizen. I chose him not by the color of his skin, but the content of his character.”

She then went on to explain that she was a Democrat and voted for Barack Obama in the last election, but now, “I want the next four years to be different.”

Surprised? You probably shouldn’t be considering that a number of other celebs, both black and white are openly voicing their support for the Republican nominee. Check out a few more you may have been unaware of below. –danielle canada

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