Prostitution Scandal Hits in Zumba Dance Class — Married Men Named

Police say Alexis Wright is a New England Zumba Madam that filmed her clients.

Zumba dance, a workout  routine that incorporates international music and traditional dance moves, is now tainted with the stain of prostitution in Kennebunk, Maine. The Zumba dance studio appears to have been the meeting spot for at least 100 single and married men in that New England town who were accused of buying sexual favors from Zumba instructor Alexis Wright.

Wright filmed her clients while servicing them in her Zumba studio and in a Kennebunk office, and this led to an invasion of privacy committed against the dozens of lawyers, and businessmen that were her clients.

According to police, Wright’s colleague,  Mark Strong Sr., 57, of Thomaston, researched new clients and filmed her sexual encounters. Wright and Strong have been indicted on 160 combined counts of invasion of privacy and promoting prostitution.

Zondra Hughes

Deputy Editor, Rolling Out

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