Aretha Franklin Reveals Link to Halle Berry

After months of insisting that a famed actress portray her in a biopic, a soul singing legend is revealing her family connection to the star.

Aretha Franklin, 70, has been more than adamant that Halle Berry portray her in a forthcoming biopic. “Halle Berry is my pick for the older Aretha. There’s a young Aretha that has yet to be named,” Franklin once said. “Halle Berry. I think Halle Berry’s gonna get it.”

Despite Franklin’s persistence, however, Berry has kindly declined the offer citing her lack of vocal power. “If I could carry a tune I’d consider it,” said Berry. “Someone should tell Aretha that I can’t do her justice.”

Since Berry’s declining of the role, Franklin’s semi-obsession with the star has left several people scratching their heads.

New information released today could help clear things up. According to a press release from Franklin’s official spokeswoman, Halle Berry is a distant relative of the Queen of Soul. “The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin, may have discovered another famous new leaf on her family tree,” the release says. “Franklin reports that, according to a family member, her grandmother and Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry’s grandmother were first cousins. Franklin is currently investigating the authenticity of the family member’s claim.”

The press release goes on to add that Franklin thinks Berry reminds her of a younger version of herself. Berry has yet to respond on her newfound relative’s claims.

Before today’s “revelation” Berry did discuss another unexpected member of her family tree. “You want to know who I’m related to? Sarah Palin!” Berry told “Extra” earlier this week. “That’s what I said, ‘Nooo!’” mimicking a horror movie scream. “Some twisted way,” Berry said. “Somebody sent me this information that she was my distant [relative].”

Do you believe Franklin’s claims? It would certainly explain why she’s so adamant about Berry playing her in the biopic. -danielle canada