Beyoncé Rocks A Grill 

After posting pictures of her ballot and once again throwing her support behind President Barack Obama, Beyoncé is showing off her president-inspired earrings and a shiny gold grill. As previously reported, the songstress, 31, debuted a pair of gold ‘Obama’ hoop earrings during a recent dinner date with hubby Jay-Z. Photos of her ear baubles caused sales to soar and inventory quickly sold out for jewelry designer Erika Peña.

Now it seems that Beyoncé may have sparked a new trend after debuting a set of gold plated fangs on official tumblr page. The pictures show the southern bred star rocking a grill while wearing a ‘Texans For Obama’ t-shirt. Fans have since lauded her for her edgy new look.

Bey’s grill comes on the heels Rihanna’s gold grill debut in September.

Check out more pictures of ‘Baddie Bey’s’ gold grill below. -danielle canada