Milyn Jensen allegedly hooked up with Justin Bieber

Did an African American beauty cause the breakup between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez? That’s the buzz today after a tabloid outed nursing school student Milyn Jensen. A source close to Jensen, 22, recently told Star Magazine that she had a steamy hookup with the pop star in December while he was still in a relationship with Gomez.

According to the mag, Jensen and rapper Lil Twist who was widely blamed for Bieber’s pot smoking photographs, picked up the singer from the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills on Dec. 21. The trio then took to a local McDonald’s before heading to Justin’s $6.6 million Calabasas, Calif., mansion where things took an unexpected turn.

“He was really kind and and romantic to Milyn who had a huge crush on him,” the source claims. They later said that Bieber “acted like he was single” and performed a sex act on Jensen. The beauty was reportedly devastated that things did not go further. Star adds that Justin’s actions were fueled by marijuana and the codeine infused drink sizzurup. Reps for Bieber have yet to respond to claims of his infidelity or drug use.

As for Selena Gomez, however, she may have already commented indirectly on the scandal. The pop princess recently performed Justin Timberlake’s hit “Cry Me A River,” which may or may not have been directed to her cheating ex. Only time will tell if Bieber decides to actually date Jensen but several of his fans have already voiced their concerns.

“Justin WTF,  Milyn Jensen isnt good enough for you,” wrote one fan online.

“I heard reports this morn that Justin bieber cheated on @SelenaGomez. How does that even happen?!” added another.

If you’re curious to see how this nursing school beauty could make the popstar forget about his songstress sweetheart, check out a few of her hot photos below. –danielle canada