Bieber jet full of pot smoke, crew took cover


Justin Bieber and his dad are real good “buds,” so good they smoked weed on a chartered plane together. So much smoke, that the crew had to put on oxygen masks.  At least that is what a law enforcement official in New Jersey is claiming.  The unidentified official stated to CNN:

“Marijuana smoke was so strong in the jet’s cabin that flight crew members put on oxygen masks because they were concerned they might inhale so much it would cause them to test positive for drug use.”

The pilot repeatedly ordered Bieber, his dad and their entourage to put out the weed. They were abusive to the point that the pilot ordered cabin crew to stay away from them during the flight. When the plane touched down they were met by Border Patrol and DEA agents. All of the law enforcement agents claimed they could smell the drug, but none could be found.  The 19-year-old singer has been having serious run-ins with the law in recent weeks. Charges from DUI, drag racing and assault are among his many problems.

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