NBA’s Iman Shumpert arrested at airport on felony charge

NBA free agent Iman Shumpert was arrested after he was allegedly caught with a significant amount of an illegal substance at the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport in Irving, Texas, on Wednesday, Aug. 3, 2022. The NBA champion, who is married to singer Teyana Taylor, was stopped by TSA agents who found a large plastic bag […]

Roll up and get high at these major events and festivals on 4/20

The day to blaze and get high is here, which means some of the best festivals and events will be taking place around the country. To get an idea of what’s going on, here are some of the top events that you should know about if you’re looking to have a good time and smoke […]

Cardi B explains why most rappers ‘wanna die’ (video)

Cardi B was in a whole mood after she and her crew got turned up at the club, because the Invasion of Privacy emcee released a torrent of emotions regarding the current state of rap. Unleashing her stream of consciousness for her 113 million Instagram fans while outside in the dark with her female friends, […]

CJ Wallace chats with The Wine Up! hosts about new BET documentary ‘Smoke’

CJ Wallace is an actor, artist, social justice advocate and the son of Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace and R&B icon Faith Evans. He makes an appearance in the BET original groundbreaking documentary “SMOKE: Marijuana + Black America’, executive produced and narrated by multi-platinum rapper and entrepreneur Nasir “Nas” Jones. The two-hour documentary explores Black […]

Biggie’s son, CJ Wallace, drops facts in BET’s ‘Smoke: Marijuana+Black America’

CJ Wallace is an actor, artist, social justice advocate and the son of Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace and R&B songstress Faith Evans. He makes an appearance and drops facts in the BET original groundbreaking documentary “SMOKE: Marijuana + Black America,” executive produced and narrated by multiplatinum rapper and entrepreneur Nasir “Nas” Jones. The two-hour documentary […]

Police under investigation after arrest of DaBaby

DaBaby is alleging that the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department performed an illegal search on him following a toy giveaway in his hometown. As it turns out, he might have point as Internal Affairs has launched an investigation of its officers. Following his arrest, DaBaby was charged with suspicion of marijuana possession but was given a citation […]

Evan Hilton delivers comprehensive cannabis solutions for patients in need

Evan Hilton is a Chicago based entrepreneur, as well as the president and founder of Mon Chéri, LLC, the parent company of GreenMCMeds, MonChériMeds, and GreenTechSolutionGroup. For the past six years, Hilton has been focused on providing innovative tools and services that improve healthcare outcomes. As a healthcare professional, he noticed several disparities in the […]

Lil Wayne launches new weed brand (photo)

Cannabis connoisseur Lil Wayne is racing along with a slew of other celebrities to get in on the weed ownership game. Much like renowned weed whiffers Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, Willie Nelson and Whoopi Goldberg, Lil Wayne is taking advantage of the decriminalization of marijuana to launch his own brand called GKUA, which is set […]

 K2 smoker partially electrocuted as synthetic pot crisis grows in NY

Disturbing video images of two men passed out at a New York City subway station, and with one partially electrocuted on the tracks, highlights the continuing crisis of the synthetic marijuana product known as K2. The video was recorded by Taiberious Carr at a Brooklyn subway station and uploaded to Facebook. The man pictured on […]

Trump likely to support ending federal ban on marijuana

President Trump made an announcement yesterday that has some pot smokers checking their hearing and “ganja-prenuers” jumping for joy. As he was boarding the presidential helicopter he fielded a question from a reporter regarding a current bill making its way through Congress. The bill is known as Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States (STATES) […]

420 Day: If you are vaping, do it with Cobra Extracts oil

With the legalization of marijuana in many states, vaping is becoming a very popular option. Whether a person chooses an inexpensive vape pen or a more upscale vaporizer, for marijuana connoisseurs it is the preferred method of consuming marijuana. But not all vape oils are the same and some can leave a distinct aftertaste. This […]

420 Day: Top 16 most popular medical marijuana strains

420 Day is here and many people around the country are getting ready to smoke, vape and eat marijuana in its many forms. Now that California, Oregon, Colorado and other states have some form of marijuana legalization, there are a lot of choices of strains of the plant to enjoy. Here are some of the most […]

420 Day: A few facts about the marijuana plant

Many people who smoke marijuana often do not know that there are different strains and types of plants. Rolling out spoke with Cobra Extracts, which specializes in marijuana vape oil. Here are a few facts on marijuana. Marijuana comes in a variety of strains.  Those strains fall into three distinct categories. What are the differences? Indica– […]

Weed so strong it walks If you smoke weed, you better take a look at that bud in your hand. These days weed smokers are exposed to very strong strains of marijuana. But one pothead got a surprise when his weed was so strong it started to walk on its own.

Legal marijuana and Atlanta: CEO Dee Shaw of HerbalNomics, helping to heal

Last year, Georgia joined the growing number of states to approve some form of medical marijuana. In Georgia, the legal form of use for medical marijuana is in the form of low-THC oil, which has 5 percent or less of the compound that produces a high or oils rich in what are called cannabidiol (CBD). CBD, […]

Georgia cops arrest 70 at party after finding small bag of weed

Further proof that Georgia has unfair laws when it comes to marijuana occurred in Cartersville this past New Year’s Eve. That is when local police responded to a report of shots fired at a subdivision. But what they found was not a gun or shooting victims but a peaceful private party. According to the Daily […]

Mike Tyson set to be ‘heavy weed champ’ as he opens marijuana farm

Former geavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has taken off his gloves to become a marijuana farmer. Just before Christmas, Tyson and his business partners broke ground on Tyson Ranch, a 40-acre piece of property in California City, California. The ranch will dedicate 20 acres to growing high-grade cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. According to […]

Recreational marijuana in California will transform America on Monday

The state of California is about to make economic and legal history as recreational marijuana will become legal on Monday, January 1, 2018. Despite the state already having a thriving marijuana industry, it was all geared towards medical marijuana and users had to possess a medical marijuana card to legally purchase and use the weed. […]

Alleged ‘Weed Queen’ mom had 18K pounds of marijuana and 24K plants on property

When you first look at Stephanie Smith, 43, she appears to be your typical well-to-do mom who lives in an upscale community. However, according to San Bernardino police, Smith is the alleged head of a large weed empire. On Wednesday, police took Smith into custody for questioning after neighbors’ complaints led them to one of […]

Lenny Kravitz still doesn’t wear underwear, talks weed and Prince

Lenny Kravitz still doesn’t wear underwear, despite accidentally exposing himself on stage when his trousers split. The 53-year-old musician was left red-faced when he went commando and his tight leather trousers ripped along the crotch to reveal his bare genitalia to the massive audience in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2015, and two years later, he still […]