Chris Brown and Frank Ocean fight sparks celeb reactions

After news broke that Chris Brown and Frank Ocean brawled at a Los Angeles recording studio, the Internet was set ablaze with commentary from fans and celebs alike. As previously reported, the two singers ran into each other at West Lakes Studios Sunday where Brown was listening to music from a fellow recording artist. Sources initially said that Ocean and his entourage blocked Brown from leaving the venue and attacked him when he tried to make amends by offering a simple handshake. Now however police report that Ocean was the “victim” because he remained at the scene to speak with them. They also report that Brown struck the Channel Orange singer because he was upset over a parking space and at least six people were involved.

Now as we await more details from authorities who want to speak with Brown about the incident, several comedians and talking heads have given their take on the melee. Additionally both Brown and Ocean have dished on the incident via social media.

Check 0ut what celebs had to say about the Chris Brown and Frank Ocean fight below. -danielle canada