We recently had a chance to chat with Miss USA 2012, Nana Meriwether. She’s a very busy beauty queen traveling from one event to another and she also owns her own social media management and marketing firm called The Epicure Group, which represents restaurants, hospitality and fashion brands. Meriwether took time out to share with us a few styling tips, favorite designers and more. Check out what she had to say below.

  • NOPE

    WHY? Why does he have to attend? What does that have to do with addressing gun violence, passing laws, instituting an action plan so this wont continue to happen? This is ridiculous and unrealistic. I am so sorry that this happened to this young lady but to expect the President to come to the service is a bit much.

    • Vandellish

      He doesn’t HAVE to attend but understand that an event such as this can be the first step to getting some traction on this movement and also helping him to be able to relate somewhat. Don’t expect him to just be able to relate cause he’s half-black and he’s lived in the city for years. He, like anyone else, will understand better when he talks to individuals out here on the frontline every day and also when he looks into the eyes of those grieving parents, neighbors and friends.

  • Vandellish

    About time for a new editor RO.

  • Charlie B

    While the death of Hadiya Pendleton rocked Chicago as well as the country as Chicago peaks the nation in murder and other crimes, can we get real! What sense does it make for us to have President Obama, the President of the United States attend one out of how many funerals in Chicago? Every mother and father who loses a child is equally as devastated. For instance one mother in Chicago has lost 4 of her children to gun violence, was there an outcry for the President to attend any of those funerals? Innocent blood is shed every day in Chicago, can the President attend every funeral of every child who is crushed before even beginning to spread their wings? Let’s focus on something that makes sense for everyone – for all parents who have endured a loss. Let’s get behind gun control and back the President in his efforts to bring an end to easy access of automatic weapons.

    • Vandellish

      I think a big part of it is so recently she came to see/celebrate with him at the inauguration so people think he should come to grieve her death with them. Also what I wrote below is in there too.
      But you are correct. It would mean much more to pass some legislation and/or put some money behind youth job programs or anti-violence programs.