john mccain daguther in lawThis bit of news is dripping with irony as thick as pancake batter. Just on the heels of conservative Sen. John Boehner (R-Ohio) giving his daughter away to marry a black man last month, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) was in San Francisco to see his son, John “Jack” McCain IV, marry a black woman.

The Internet was buzzing with the news that House Speaker Boehner’s daughter was set to marry a dreadlocked Jamaican man, especially when news of his arrest for weed possession hit the airwaves.

Jack McCain, 27, is an officer in the U.S. Air Force who met his newlywed wife, Renee Swift, 29, while the two were stationed in Guam. Swift, a captain in the Air Force reserves, hails from San Francisco. Even former presidential candidate Mitt Romney attended the ceremonies.

Predictably, father John McCain’s Facebook page was littered with racist messages, with some calling McCain and his son “traitors.”

Can you imagine that, the conservative McCains called “traitors?” When you add the fact that Sen. McCain was a POW in the Vietnam War and endured years of torture in a foreign country that leaves him unable to raise his arms above his shoulders, then the denunciations become even more preposterous.

Take a look at some of the photos of Sen. McCain’s new daughter-in-law, Renee Swift, with the rest of the family at the wedding as well as individual shots below.

Terry Shropshire

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  • Yvonne Rivera

    i knew he would have gotten my vote. he needs to just throw in the towel and do what is right for AMERICA. the haters be damned. they are a proud veteran and military family. way to go john mccain and family. my congrats to you all.

  • Anonymous

    Why is this a big deal? I’m white and have been dating a black girl for almost two years now. It’s not a big deal and I never think about it. This is 2013, come on.

    • MovesLikeJagr

      Sadly, for a lot of people it is a big deal. Still too many racists around…

  • unk

    Jack is in the Navy, not the Air Force.