Rasheeda claims Kirk Frost is an absentee dad

Rasheeda & Kirk Frost - Cover

Fans of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” have been watching Rasheeda and Kirk Frost’s marriage slowly disintegrate on camera for months. While both of them have confirmed that their marriage is still on the rocks, they have also remained mum about whether or not they’ll stay together or separate. It looks like things have become worse for the couple as Rasheeda recently claimed that Frost is a deadbeat dad.

Since Rasheeda revealed to Frost earlier this season that she’s pregnant with their child, Frost has been less than supportive about the news and has even suggested to Rasheeda that she get an abortion.

Although Frost isn’t too keen on becoming a dad all over again, Rasheeda is now claiming that Frost isn’t taking care of the kids he’s already has.

Rasheeda took to Instagram on Saturday and blasted Kirk for allegedly failing to talk to his son, Ky.

Rasheeda - Kirk Deadbeat Dad

Rasheeda captioned the photo “Ky is waiting…@frost117.”

However, on that same day, Frost posted Instagram photos of himself and his son hanging out at Atlanta’s annual V-103 car and bike show. He also posted a video of himself hanging with fellow “LAHHA” star, Karlie Redd at the show.

Ky & Kirk - Car & Bike Show

Ky - Car & Bike Show

Who knows what goes on behind closed doors in Frost and Rasheeda’s home or when the cameras aren’t around, but it’s clear that Frost is at least spending some time with his son. Hopefully, Rasheeda and Kirk will both work to keep their kids out of their marital drama.

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