Rihanna’s L.A. home broken into

rihanna homeA couple of burglars broke into Rihanna’s home in suburban Los Angeles, the media reports.

The pop goddess’s palatial mansion in Pacific Palisades, Calif., about a half hour northwest of Los Angeles, was broken into by would-be burglars who were apparently scared off by the elaborate alarm system because they did not enter the house. Rihanna was not at home at the time. She is parading half-naked in Australia, tmz.com reports, on the set of her new video.

The police should have leads because Rihanna’s home is covered with security cameras at every turn. In fact, Ms. Fenty’s home is located on a private drive which, is also filmed on an around-the-clock basis. When you turn down the road, a prominent sign greets visitors (or intruders) with “Smile, You’re on Camera!”

This marks the third time this year the security surrounding Rihanna’s home has been compromised. A man was caught slithering around on her roof in June. And then back in February, would-be intruders thought they were breaking into Rihanna’s house but had instead creeped onto her neighbor’s property.

Might be time to sell this spooked joint.



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