Brandy dishes on former friendship with Kim K

While appearing on an episode of “Watch What Happens Live” this week, Brandy dished on her former friendship with her brother’s ex Kim Kardashian.

Unbeknownst to some, Kardashian was working as Brandy’s stylist when she met and fell in love with Ray-J. They then made that infamous sex tape and Kim skyrocketed to fame.

“No,” said the singer when asked by Andy Cohen if she was still friends with any of the Kardashians.

“You know, we grew in different directions,” she added.

She was also asked to share her opinion on Kim’s tape with Ray J that was recently parodied by Joan Rivers.

“I don’t think about it,” said Brandy with a laugh about her brother’s sexual exploits. 

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In 2013, Ray J told Karen Civil that Brandy was upset that he released the song “I Hit It First” bragging about being with Kim Kardashian before Kanye West.

“I gotta be honest with you, Brandy’s a bit upset. I haven’t talked to her because I know what type of lecture I’m going to get,” said Ray J. “Brandy is a whole different type of person. She lives in a different kind of world. I’m way more turnt up, my lifestyle is way more on the edge. For her, a lot of things I do, she might not understand but I can say she has my back.”

-danielle canada

  • kelly

    DO ANYONE REMEMBER WHEN BRANDY AND HER MOMA THEM ,CAME AFTER KIM K FOR SOME MONEY STOLE FROM AN ACCOUNT … OR CREDIT CARD KIM WAS SUPPOSE TO BUY WARDROBE CLOTHE WITH INSTEAD SHE BOUGHT HERSELF CLOTHES LOL … that was years ago , after ray j and her made tape the norwoods was furious with her kim kardashian calling her a thief etc … kim payed them back before a trial was to take place .. . so kim k was a thief , and the normwoods also said kim stole that tape from ray j possession and gave it to kris jenner who sold it to vivid in returne vivid entertainment agree to no release the seller ,, that is why the kardashians are rich ….. kris jenner is the reason her show cancelled and people were sending hate mail …. no one like her cause people are convienced she sold that tape she hasnt proved she didnt sell it … so her and kim will die with the secret the rest of the kardashian dont know … but trust me they will find out . day for sure

    kris jenner is no marketing genious she sold that tape and that all she ever had to do to get them all where they are … people also found out kim was one of oj simpsons lawyers ,, ,teh LATE ROBERT KARDASHIAN ONCE THAT WAS FOUND OUT THAT IS WHY THEY GOT PUSHED OUT THERE IT WASNT THE SEX TAPE ALONGE IT WAS THE OJ SIMPSON KARMA KRIS JENNNER KNOWS THIS … MOST PEOPLE IGNORE IT OR DONT WANT TO BELIEVE IT …….

  • soisaid

    glad she didn’t go into messy detail fanning up old flames. brandy always keep it classy, thats what i love about her.