Beyoncé drops millions to build homeless shelter in Houston

Beyoncé is certainly feeling philanthropic this year! After donating half a million to Chime for Change, a global campaign that was created to help strengthen and unite the voices of young women around the world by inspiring them with “powerful stories” about inspiring women, back in June, news surfaced that Mrs. Carter didn’t stop there!

Recently, the Houston native dropped $7 million to build a low-income housing project in her hometown for homeless men and women and children. She was even dubbed a saint by her Pastor, Rev. Rudy Rasmus for her involvement with the church.

“She’s an incredible human being. Has an incredible heart and has been extremely helpful in our mission and our ministry here,” Rasmus said in a recent interview with KHOU.

“She has a global platform and is doing some amazing work and I’m glad she’s a friend of mine,” he continued.

10/24/2015  Check Queen Bey’s costume out as she arrives at Ciara’s 30th Birtday party!- ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie

R. Hawkins

Humble with a hint of Muhammad Ali...

  • Nuba X

    That’s whats up! Props to Beyonce!!! Funny how people only respond in here to people like Beyonce when its negative drama. But when they doing something positive…it’s a Ghost Town. Nobody has nothing to say. shm.

    Once again, excellent job helping the homeless. We need more of that in this country.


    • daphnewbowden

      just before I looked at the receipt ov $8130 , I
      didn’t believe that my sister woz like actualy bringing in money part-time from
      there pretty old laptop. . there aunts neighbour has been doing this 4 only
      about 22 months and at present repayed the mortgage on their appartment and
      bought themselves a Chrysler . see here M­o­n­e­y­d­u­t­i­e­s­.­C­O­M­

    • Law

      That’s like you had 900 dollars and you give a homeless man 7 bucks.. big deal! Their net worth is almost a billion.

      • Kiya The Digital Gurl

        That is the stupidest bunch of nonsense ever, what is she suppose to give it all away…How much have you given?

        • Michael Bennett

          Exactly, a 7 million dollar development is nothing shake your finger at. Thousands of lives and families will be bless by this charitable gift.

        • GuyFawkesIsAlive

          So, Bey takes CRIMINAL MONEY from #JPMorgan Chase to promote her tour, but “gives back” by building a homeless shelter? Does anyone see the irony in this bullshit?

          • Jenny

            You sound like a dumbass hotep fool. I bet you live with your mother and have 7 bastard babies by seven women. Dumb nigga.

          • denise

            Why cause he has an opion like u do..Get out her Ass

          • Rodney Devante Halton

            And u da bullshit u make it looks like she toke da money du
            mp azzs look

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            If you can respond in English, perhaps we can have a conversation. Otherwise, provide a translation.

          • TheRealHankHill

            Net worth doesn’t mean you actually have that much paper capital on hand. Fucking-pseudo intellectual trolls are nothing new on the internet.

          • DogFather

            Translation: It is an erroneous assumption to ascertain that Mrs. Z’s magnanimous contribution to provide free shelter for the underprivileged is summarily negated by her association with a banking institution, and casting aspersions upon her in this manner conveys to the readers that you are misinformed and intellectually bereft of the ability to be compassionate.

          • Isham Thomas Jr.

            Tell em Dog. but they probably need a translator to acquire the true meaning!!! lol

          • Vanessa Brody

            Rodney what did you say??????

          • Betty Smith

            Rodney….you really need to upgrade your language skills.

          • brollyville

            What do you mean she takes criminal money?

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            She took money from JPMorgan to promote her last tour. JPMorgan and other banks were responsible for reverse redlining the black community. This practice of redlining committed the biggest wealth transfer from the black community to the white community in the history of our nation.
            She took the money tainted with the blood of her black community. Gross.

          • brollyville

            So you’re saying black folks in general should withdraw their money from chase and invest with a different banker because of the reverse red lining?

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            Oh absolutely! Wells Fargo and US Bank were the worst as far as the reverse redlining. However, when you do change banks, ask your local banker where their PROMISSORY NOTES are kept. If they are a PORTFOLIO lender, that means they retain the promissory notes. That means you know that your loan is not being securitized and that when you pay off the loan, you will get an assurance that the loan is indeed paid off, as you will receive the cancelled promissory note in return. The large institutional lenders continue to sell the paid off loans and you never know if you will one day get a knock on your door.
            You want to bank where they retain the promissory note. Ask them if they sell their loans to Freddie/Fannie or a private securitization scheme…..YOU DO NOT WANT TO BANK THERE.
            Thanks for asking and understanding my point.

          • brollyville

            I can dig it. Didn’t fully understand what you meant, but now i do. I appreciate it

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            Spread the word.

          • Annette H Kolbs

            I wish we as a people could just see the good in one’s actions an give them props for it….point blank period! Why do u have to look for the negative? What have you done? What did you give? smh…..

          • Denise

            Sometime Negativity is Good everything is Not Perfect

          • POWR

            Didn’t have to look too far for the negative. That trash she put up on the SB half-time show pretty much says it all, as will her upcoming “formation” tour. $7M is a drop in the bucket considering her net worth. No one has a problem when Bernie Sanders says “the rich” need to cough up 90% of their income. Sadly, “the rich” includes people far below B’s income level. And somehow, they’ll get their loophole so they can make their $7M donations and still look like heroes. Wise up.

          • JazzoRenee

            What have you done exactly?

          • POWR

            In the “it takes a village” vein of helping others, I sponsor a child in central America. I donate to Dana Farber Center, ASPCA, and a few others as I can. My young family members will never be without what matters to them as long as I can help it. I don’t shake my a$$ on stage and make pro-Black Power symbols for a living.

          • Denise

            Awasome News..Thankd

          • Talk2Neit

            Thanks for the info.

          • DogFather

            She “took” nothing from anyone. And asserting that there was “blood” from the practices of banking is histrionic.

          • BigGat

            Do you have a house? Do you pay a mortage ? What back are you with?

          • Jule Westcott

            I am white and I never got that money.

          • Stephen Karnes

            could it possibly be that the funding was offered as a way to accept some of that responsibility and to do something good to help repair the community, or do you not accept that as a possibility?

          • Lil

            By your logic, those of us who have JPMorgan accounts who identify at black are also using “money tainted with blood?” By your standards were are all ‘gross’

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            Yes, glad you understand you should move your money out of a criminal big bank!

          • Hon. Everclear Jones

            1) There is a major difference between a homeless shelter and a housing complex.
            2) Criminal money? Now that’s just stupid.
            3) How exactly is housing the homeless bullshit.
            4) Only hotep idiots like you try to find some way to make a conspiracy theory out of a charitable act. Meanwhile yall the first to bitch about people “tearing apart the community” while you sit behind your rentacenter computer screen, watching hidden truths videos on youtube, and doing nothing but looking for ways to demonize every successful black person. Mostly because your internalized self hatred cant wrap your mind around a Black person (and certainly not a Black Woman) winning at this game in America. Please take your faux -wokeness and have any of the billion seats in existence.

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            I didn’t demonize Beyoncé until she used JPMorgan Chase to promote her last tour. Apparently, you don’t know how JPMorgan and other criminal banks reverse redlined the black community and forced many generational homes to be lost in foreclosure? Well, they did. And it grosses me out to see Beyoncé take money from these entities who have decimated black wealth. She should KNOW better. After she took the ill-gotten gains from the entity which was largely responsible for the largest transfer of black wealth to the whites……that’s what effing pisses me off to no end.
            She should be standing up for the black community. By taking money from these crooks, she continues the black wealth transfer. It disgusts me.

          • Hon. Everclear Jones

            Actually I do. I am a former Chase employee. See this is the thing about you types. You somehow think that you are the only ones who acquire this BASIC information. Everyone knows about the redlining (fewer people know about them pushing people who have just acquired a large sum of money into investments that they dont understand). And yes its shitty. However. If you are going to take that route, then I sincerely dont understand why you are on this site, as Rolling out frequently covers events sponsored by chase. Also, I assume that you will not support the thousands of small businesses that were able to get Chase loans and grants to start/survive. OR maybe you would be so inclined to buy them out of it and fund it through the financial empire you have built. These ridiculous arguments are well and good for rhetoric. But if the only plan you have is to demonize successful Black People, and live in this fantasy dream world where magically every black person takes EVERYTHING they have and put it together for the greater good (like that has ever happened anywhere at anytime in the entire history of this fucking planet) youre just talking out of your ass. Beyonce has housed the homeless (literally), built schools, put Black Women through college, funded businesses, and bailed BLM protesters out of jail with her own money. what the fuck have you done? Pick a new target because that is a righteous fucking sister who does NOTHING but show what hard work, integrity, class, and dedication to her people look like. miss us with that fake conscious bullshit.

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            Sorry, she doesn’t have integrity if she took the crook’s money. She did NOT have to use Chase to promote her tour. She CHOSE that. And it disgusts me.
            And I assist foreclosure victims try to save their property on a volunteer basis for the last 6 years. So, thanks for telling me I’m doing nothing to help the black community.

          • Hon. Everclear Jones

            *I asked what the fuck do you do. That’s cool and all but don’t think that your contribution makes you anymore righteous than anyone else. You so caught up in your pathology, that you don’t even understand that redistribution of wealth goes both ways. If Chase takes money out of the communities, and a person gets some of that money and reinvests it into the community,that is beneficial. Its not a fucking dollar you have ever touched that doesnt have blood on it. So when you sit up here and post this bullshit, I sincerely dont know what the fuck youre talking about. You’re not educating, youre not “standing up for our people” all you’re doing is looking for a reason to tear our brightest down. Kudos on the volunteering and fuck outta here at the same damn time.

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            So, you believe that Chase’s pitiful investment in the black community (I sure would like some examples) eliminates their crimes of assisting in the largest transfer of black wealth that has even occurred in the history of our nation? I say YOU GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE.
            Jesus. SMH

          • Hon. Everclear Jones

            I said nothing about eliminating crime. Those are your words. You’re able to find facts that dont exist, do a little research. here’s a head start google “mission mainstreet” or “chase grant recipients”.

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            Listen, we are NEVER going to agree that Chase’s pathetic grants are going to trump their crimes. SORRY. Once a crook, always a crook. They fucking almost toppled the financial industry on a GLOBAL scale with their fucking greed. Go try to convince someone who’s not done the research. I have done the research. I know what crimes have been committed. They are the new gangsters. I would rather have the Gambino family.

          • Hon. Everclear Jones

            What are you even talking about dude. I never once even alluded to that idea. Done the research? Nigga this is BASIC information. Who doesn’t know about that? lmaooo Go home dude. You’re drunk.

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            Your response doesn’t even make sense.
            The basic information is that Chase is the largest crime family on the planet….and it appears YOU are trying to defend them by using their happy grant program.
            They fucking pushed Gabriel Magee off the London Chase building because he knew too much and was going to narc. That is info that came from an insider. I would rather have a crime family like the Gambinos than the white shirts like Dimon. Sorry.

          • Hon. Everclear Jones

            Shut up man. At no point in time did I defend them. I quit my job there because of their actions. However I do know this. If someone steals a lot of money. And keeps it, then the wealth stolen just accumulates. My point is that from a logical standpoint, taking the money from them and reinvesting it in the community does a lot more good than bitching about them taking the money. I’m done with this. You way off track with your analysis. And even moreso with this Obama argument. argue with the air fam.

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            So, you are saying Beyoncé taking their money (AND ADVERTISING THEIR BULLSHIT BRAND ON EVERY TOUR ADVERTISING) to reinvest that money was honorable? You do realize that using her brand and mixing it with Chase’s brand legitimizes Chase? And guess how many black people will go to her concerts, see that she okays the Chase brand and believe that Chase is an okay entity to bank with. Sorry, you will never convince me that Beyoncé using Chase to promote her tour was okay. Not in the least.
            And I am so disgusted with both Obama and Holder it is beyond belief. You just sit in your little world where they did nothing wrong. I know better.

          • BigGat

            Don’t fall for the strawmen they always bring out the strawmen..

          • Bitty Boo

            this is how all the shit continues, people just refuse to accept pure evil when it stares at them wearing a nice sparkly bikini.

          • DogFather

            Occupy Reality. Anarchists and Vegans are just haters. Everclear is right, you are just trying to punk a sister. Go troll Chase or better yet, put down the bong, get out of your parent’s basement and go out into the daylight and practice goodness for a change.

          • Bitty Boo

            what an idiot!

          • Bitty Boo

            I’m with you on this. But people are so easily distracted and most really have no idea what is going on. The world has been dumbing down the masses though. These celebs will do anything to get some good publicity as we all know they are run by Satan worshippers. But keep on worshipping your false idols people.

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            I’m not certain about Satan worship, but what I do know:
            Taking millions from Chase to promote your tour, when Chase has been unlawfully foreclosing on many of the people in your own down-trodden race is not kind. And then attempting to “give back” to those same people that Chase made homeless appears sort of self-serving.

          • bassman21

            I you’re not making your mortgage payment on time, chose has every right to foreclose on your home. When you mortgaged the house you agreed to make the monthly payment. They don’t foreclose for several months. This means if your home was foreclosed, you missed making a payment for several months. What are they supposed to do let you keep the house for free and take a loss?

            The problem wasn’t chase. It was the programs that allowed people to get these houses who couldn’t afford them. I was making 60,000 a year when I bought my house. I got a house for 85,000 instead of the $150,000 I qualified for. I got the smaller house in case times got rough I could still make the payment. I till have the house 10 years later and after falling on hard times twice. Pay your bills and you won’t lose your house.

          • BigGat

            #SLOWCLAP man clarity is so rare. #RespectToTheClearThinkers
            You sir have given me rejuvenated hope.

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            Oh, and btw, many many people have no clue about the largest transfer of black wealth has occurred under the first black president. And when I talk about this, they say I’m being an Uncle Tom. Sorry, but facts are the facts. Obama is the Uncle Tom.

          • Hon. Everclear Jones

            lmaoooooo MANNN GET THE ENTIRE FUCK OUTTA HERE. The largest transfers of wealth from Blacks came under Clinton and Bush. Fuck is you even talking about? Man you REALLY love the White man. Stop talking to me fam. This is a no hotep zone.

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            Clinton and Bush set the entire thing up…..but the massive amount of actual completed foreclosures happened under the OBAMA admin. In fact, Geithner admitted that HAMP was “foaming the runway” for the banks’ easy landing. Obama chose to save the banks on the backs of our black community.
            Apparently, you haven’t done your homework.
            Under Bush I, during the S&L crime spree thousands of bankers were jailed. Under Obama’s admin (with the 2008 crisis thousands of times bigger than the S&L crisis) NO ONE WENT TO JAIL. And even worse the DOJ was headed up by Holder! Holder went back to his law firm that defends banks. And the banks got off scot-free even though there was so much fraud to bring down the global financial system.
            You need to do some reading…..but maybe then you’d be embarrassed like I am of the Uncle Tom’s we put in office. Pretty sad that blacks cannot face the music when we are targeted by the same people we believed in.

          • Hon. Everclear Jones

            1)Obama took office in 08. His economic policies didnt even start to take effect until Q2 2010. But blame the Black dude right.
            2) You clearly have no idea how the government works, he’s not a cop, he’s not a king. A president does not have the authority to just send people to jail. That’s the supreme court and congress. MAINLY congress because they have to bring the charges. But blame the Black dude RIGHT?
            3) You clearly did not read Uncle Tom’s Cabin, or else you would know that everytime you call Obama that you are using the term incorrectly.
            4) What is sad is that people like you build up this unrealistic idea of Black salvation, then do all kind of mental gymnastics to support the faulty reasoning. And THEN tear down Black people for not being your brand of Black, while having the nerve to call someone else an “Uncle Tom”.

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            Jesus Christ. THE DEPT OF JUSTICE IS THE TOP COP. And of course the DOJ under Obama could have prosecuted the fucking financial crimes. You are conveniently ignorant.

          • bassman21

            So the bank just supposed to give people the home to keep for free when they go months and months without making a mortgage payment? I see why you’re poor. You’re uneducated.

          • JazzoRenee

            Why aren’t you grossed out about the millions of Black Americans taking money from the same exact bank??

            Why aren’t you grossed out by Black Americans who don’t keep up these same houses and bring down their own property values?
            Why aren’t you grossed out about people who make it a living to live off the system,?
            Seems to me you are singling out Beyonce through some inferiority, jealousy or stalker-like complex that you need to quickly get over.


          • bassman21

            LOL at criminal money. I see why you’re poor.

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            What’s sad is that it appears the black community is fine with someone who’s black taking money from a company who has targeted the black generational wealth and stolen it, like JPMorgan Chase.
            I see why the black community remains in low income housing projects like the one Beyoncé has just built with the same money that she took from Chase. It’s now a full circle. Chase steals the black’s homes. And gives tons of money to the black’s idols like Beyoncé. No one says “boo” as long as Beyoncé gives back a little bit and houses the people whose home was stolen by Chase.
            Very understandable.

          • Mary Alexanderallen

            How much have you given toward helping

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            Well, Mary, I’ve donated approx. 40+ hours/week for 6 years to the fight against unlawful foreclosure. I have assisted hundreds of homeowners who were losing their homes and assisted them with the fight against these criminal entities.
            But, since you made “contribution” an issue (apparently before I could have the audacity to comment) what have you given?

          • Shay Fletcher

            NO one was mad at Peter Pan

          • farrightextreme

            Some of her money came from a performance for a dictator.

        • candy719

          I hear you Kiya , people want to complain about her but they are doing anything . What she is doing is wonderful and I hope it makes others who are blessed with wealth do the same thing.

        • dcolemanyahoo

          Thank you!!!

        • Carolyn Williams

          Speak sister?

        • ANGIEBEE

          It doesn’t matter how much money she has. We need more people to give. There are so many homeless people in this world. Thankyou Beyoncé for giving back to your community.

        • PacificGirl818

          LOL! Exactly.

        • Curtis

          I have given, every year, a higher percentage of my net income to others in need. Certainly a higher percentage than she has given. I would love to have $7 million. With her annual wealth, $7 million is pocket change. If she were to give 10% annually, like most Christians, then I would be impressed.

          • Kiya The Digital Gurl

            Riiiight because you forgot to disclose that you were her personal CPA and you are actual privy to her total charitable contributions each year. My bad Bro

          • Curtis

            She is listed on Forbes, along with other financial information, if you care to look.

        • Kevan Moran Aponte

          How much has Bill Gates given away? Or Mark Zuckerberg? It’s a nice thing for her to do and she should be praised for doing so. But it is a drop in her bucket of cash.

      • dymonsatl

        She has a life and a family and people to pay salaries to. Should she give it all away and then end up living in the shelter she built.

        • hec

          Her contribution comes goes to a non profit then the payment is made. don’t worry she has great accountants. She sleeps great every night

      • piffstar tv

        Beyounce did nothing special but a tax right off,she gets every dime back especially giving to the roman teaching church. We need those funds for real schools that teach that kemet education & free breakfast for those kids that’s not eating every morning!!!

        Need those millions to start our own banks & businesses Beyounce gets finace by the same euro jews bloodline that enslave the people of central east africa

        She doesn’t show black women to love there self she shows them how to be blonde & wear weave & not be the goddess who she can be

        If you a women of kemet descent wake up beyounce is apart of the fuckery which is financed by the rhodes,rockefellas, Carnegie, Rothschild,

        • Kiya The Digital Gurl

          Again what have you given. Change starts at home. Instead wasting energy speaking on what the next person is or isn’t doing exert that energy doing your part. Black people stay blaming the boogie man for our problems. No doubt we have challenges that other races in this country and around the world don’t have, but at what point do we take personal responsibility for our station in life as a race. You say we need our own banks and our own educational system, well you are 100 on that, but what are you doing to make that happen cuz criticizing that women is not going make it happen.

          • Rita

            This is a blessing…. She is taking the homeless off the street… Bottom line…. Does it matter off this is tax write off… Ask yourself what was unlit contribution for giving back to the homeless…. Never complain when you haven’t helped….. This is a positive move….

        • GuyFawkesIsAlive

          Right on, Bro! Look at that BLONDE hair on an African American. Who the fuck does this bitch think she is? Taking money from #JPMorganChase to promote her tour….sucking at the white man’s teet to get what little milk they promise her. Turn coat. Fucking turn coat.

          • Jenny

            Take yo hotep hating ass back home to your mama’s spare room in the attic.

          • janeyre

            More like the basement…

          • Cristy Darcell Young

            There is actually a entire black tribe that have natural blonde hair. It is not something only white people have embedded in the dna. Melanesian people… You can google it.

          • Baddie Bones

            Lol Beyonce is Black and creaole (multi generationally mixed) YOU DO KNOW THAT people of African descent CAN have natural blonde hair right Dummy??

            Especially those SUPER MIXED biracial blacks but umm KERP (hating )see how RICH that mskes you! Lol

        • venus baptiste

          Amen Brother!! And what they atent getting is that u have to PAY $300 a month to stay there!! Our people are so lost!! We need a Farrakhan for this new generation! Theyre do misled!!

          • maya Mathews

            They should have to pay. I’m glad you said that. Why should any ablebodied person not have to contribute something. This is America. Like Kim said you better get up, get out, and get somethin!

        • hater

          Shut uo

        • Feek31

          Preach God

        • Anne Glenn

          Shut up with that bs. You are do concerned why don’t you do something?

          • Carolyn Williams

            Because criticizing and talking is easier?

        • maya Mathews

          Oh my god STOP

        • janeyre

          Oh shut up. You choose your miserable life, allow others, to choose their own life style… Who asked you?

        • ANGIEBEE

          It doesn’t matter if it is a write off, there is going to be a shelter built to get homeless people off the streets.

        • Hon. Everclear Jones

          1) Beyonce*
          2) Write-off*
          3) There’s more to life than the romanticized history of “kemet” (and honestly how is that even remotely relevant to the information and skills children need today? STEM programs matter. Your fantasy of EVERY Black person being descendants of Kings and Queens, really do not.)
          4) If you try to start a bank with $7 Million you will be closed in a year. Less hotep teaching and more financial literacy.
          5) financed*
          6) Where exactly is “Central East Africa”??? Never heard of that country.
          7) Wearing a weave doesn’t make a woman self loathing. Taking irrelevant details such as hairstyles and trying to judge their self worth is stupid. Also a woman doesn’t need to be a “goddess” to be respected.
          8) Africa is a continent. A huge one with many countries. Every Black person isn’t from “kemet”, human civilization started long before that, and Black/African history is more than that one small region. Stop minimizing our history.
          9) The true fuckery is this pseudo-pan african bullshit you ankh niggas are peddling to do nothing more than pump up your ego. If you want to empower people, support greatness in the diversity of the Black experience, and stop trying to force this shallow, misinformed, idealist, misogynistic, separatist, youtube historian bullshit on everyone. Or just hold it in. Whatever works.

          • Jena Perry

            Thank you for your existence. Sad but awesome there can only be one of you..this turned me on,lol

      • Fordy

        Here’s one; a few weeks ago I did indeed give a homeless man £7, even though I had approximately £900 in my bank account. The gentleman was so grateful- however most of my friends said that I was stupid, and it only went towards feeding his drug/alchohol addiction. The thing is, you are damned if you do. you are damned if you don’t. So let’s all just appreciate these small acts of kindness, regardless of our income or lack thereof.

        • OhMy

          Exactly, do what you can. I drive around with a pack of bottled water, bread and wet wipes. Not much, but some basic essentials to those who have absolutely nothing.

      • hater

        Shut the fuck up

      • Charles Hill

        REally you bitching cause she did not go broke !

      • Mskiwi Lee

        wtf??????? At the end of the day she doesnt HAVE TO GIVE any money to ANY BODY… IT IS HER MONEY!!!.. who the fuck are you to be counting how much money she makes, and is worth and comparing to what she gave back?? the fuck is wrong with you ppl????? I’m pretty sure in all your years your ass never gave $7 to a homeless person so stfu

      • dcolemanyahoo

        Tell that to the folks who are no longer homeless because of her “big deal” … she gave SOMEthing …

        • GuyFawkesIsAlive

          She is promoting herself with #JPMorgan #Chase. One of the biggest crooks who ironically is stealing homes from millions of Americans. Yet, then she takes these ill-gotten gains from Chase and “gives back” with the building of a homeless shelter. The irony is thick.

      • Marchjon Jones

        Nobody owes anybody anything.

      • LaRon

        Some people want give 7 u are a fucking hater

      • Phedre No Delauney

        When was the last time you gave a homeless person 7 dollars?

        I’ll wait….

      • Anne Glenn

        She is not obligated to do anything. That is her money. Are you donating any money you worked for????

        • Jeffery A. Sanders Sr

          people will speak a negative game, when they lack understanding or fear what they don’t know….ignorant people always follow the negative aspects….the woman is a champion….

      • brollyville

        That’s none of your business what percentage of her money she gives away and it’s also completely irrelevant actually. She is helping people. Applause to her. End of story.

      • Isis Malikai

        That’s 7 million to build, but take in account how much it will be to maintain such an endeavor. The same people criticize her won’t even give a homeless person $1. She doesn’t owe anyone anything!

      • denise

        That stupid its her money.. She didn’t have to do it but she did..And you can’t compare that to $7,….she didn’t ask for praises cause Nobody knew about this…Keep up the g good work…

      • Hon. Everclear Jones

        I swear people should have to take a test before they make posts. smh

      • Sizwe Cele

        I am so confused… so are you saying that she should donate all her money?

      • The Aspiring Me (HTX artist)

        you probably had 900 dollars and gave a homeless man 33 cents! -TAME

      • Betty Smith

        Law….and I’m sure Beyoncé is well aware of that….the amount of money is not the point, it’s the fact that she thought enough of others to do it. Now go give 7.00 to the charity of your choice.

      • Mary Alice Moon-carr

        You’re so ignorant. ..what have you given, I know the homeless women and children are grateful

      • Lolita Swift

        How much have you given or how have you helped anyone not connected to you?

      • B.Flores

        you probably want her to give them her soul…. get outta here with your pettiness.

      • June

        Have you given $900 to the homeless, Law? It IS a big deal for ANYONE to help the homeless or others in need. No one HAS to give, just because they have money. Your remark is hateful.

    • GuyFawkesIsAlive

      I REPLIED—> So, Bey takes CRIMINAL MONEY from #JPMorgan Chase to promote her tour, but “gives back” by building a homeless shelter? Does anyone see the irony in this bullshit?

    • venus baptiste

      Zonk!!! U gotta pay $300 a month to stay there! U think she was gonna do that shit for free?? Bey just as fake as hell.

      • joe bloe

        she did do it for free. but not forever. grass needs to be cut, maintenance needs to be done. my bet is the government covers that $300. Which is probably a lot cheaper than the alternatives. gotta love people hating on someone giving away their money for a good cause. better the government take your money at gunpoint and build it?

        • Vunderlak

          It was free for her, as well. It was a tax-write off. And as far as the “my bet is the government covers that $300” bullshit, by government you mean taxpayers who didn’t write off all of their taxes this year. So she screwed people that pay taxes twice in one move and she is a Saint? I would hate to see her as a devil.

          • Jenny

            Bitch, shut the fuck up. Your hating ass just wants to complain about something that you’re mad you won’t or can’t do. So what, if it’s a tax rightoff? She didn’t have to do it at all. I bet your hating ass don’t bring this up when people like Trump or some right wing dick wad donates to charity and rights that shit off. Racist dick.

          • Vunderlak

            Yes, I do actually. So take your racist card and shove it up your ass sideways.

          • Kiya The Digital Gurl

            Do you understand how charitable tax write off even work? Clearly Not. When a persons claims charitable contributions on their taxes the IRS doesn’t give them all of the donated money back. An algorithm is applied and an adjustment is made to your total taxable income based on total earned and total donated; and that adjustment isn’t equal to the total contribution. So simplistically if you earned 100k and donate 10k your adjusted taxable income maybe 98.5k… so its hardly free

      • Anne Glenn

        I guess you feel ppl suppose to stay for free? I wish I just had pay $300 a month to live in nice clean decent place. I don’t know where you from but $300 a month is not a lot of money for rent. My freaking car note is more than that. My utilities is more than $300 a month. Idiots who want something for nothing.

        • maya Mathews

          Yes PREACH

        • Kristi

          BE A GOOD HUMAN- Support UNIVERSAL HOUSING. End Homelessness. GOOD HUMAN.

      • Jenny

        Bitch, get a job. Homeless people who want help don’t want handouts forever, like your apparently begging ass. They want to earn their keep. Deadbeat tricks like you wouldn’t understand that concept. And $300 is like 1985 rent. You can work at Mcdonalds flipping burgers, pay that, and still have money to spare. Now go get your broke ass in someone’s employment line.

        • Kristi

          $300 a month is what I paid in 2000 for a three bedroom house. I went to college full time and had two roommates. We each paid $100. I made $8.50 an hour! Imagine I got paid MORE then- than minimum wage is today. There is a very REAL War against the poor. The middle class is DYING. WAGES are at a standstill. PEOPLE ARE STRUGGLING. Bernie Sanders is the ONLY politician talking about what real poverty looks like in America. Your lights cut out in an instant if you get a health condition and lose your job. ANY of us, who are not millionaires, could end up homeless tomorrow. We have to insist that more is done.

      • janeyre

        Able bodied people should pay. Why would anybody, think otherwise? Some Blacks are just lame and need to shut up!

    • eclark53

      Bad news sells papers. People really are not interested in anything but hot gossip, sex, and crime.

      • janeyre

        Certain types of people. Decent folk, know we have to work and provide for ourselves. Even help, those less fortunate. Not just give stuff away, to the lazy…

    • Catherine Rousseau

      Hats off to you! More celebrities need to help out instead of showing all their gold, fancy cars and million dollar homes! It’s the people that got you were you are today,!!

    • linds flakes

      i thank that great

    • Bea Prince

      I’m sure it was just a write off for her,the least she could do is give something back to the country that made her so rich. I really think she forgot where she and her (Ex) drug dealer husband came from.

  • mrhowell2002

    That’s great Beyoncé did that … But dubbed a saint!!! She did a great deed lets leave it at that ..

    • memoriesbybryant

      Yeah. They exaggerated that. Lol. I love her and all but… lol.

  • Vana Phill

    Brava! Kudos to Beyoncé. Let’s see more rich celebs follow suit.

  • monique
  • Msnj

    Just imagine if more people in general would pull $$$ together to do this in our country. Just imagine if we started taking care of the those right here in great ole USA first iWhat a great country this would really be. Nothing but luv for Bey….God bless her…

    • memoriesbybryant

      I had no idea exactly how many people in this country were homeless until about 7 years ago, when I was old enough to actually start paying attention. I had a friend in school who was homeless and never knew — that’s when I started researching. You’re so right! This country would be such a brighter place.

      • Alicia Lee

        It really is a lot and often in places I find I thought were areas where everyone has a home. If we spent the money on things like this that people often spend on entertainment, the world would be a much better place. Or if we call on our entertainers (this includes athletes in my opinion) to do things that we can’t necessarily do with our incomes alone but they can do with their incomes or a potion of, then I think we would see much more of this or similar actions and less of them doing bad things (like getting arrested so much, overdosing, etc.) Just my opinion.

  • cupcakesugar

    LOVE BEYONCE , SHE IS a real giving and honored person ., and everyone has problems and her being a star is harder to get through it but with her church prayers for her shell be ok . god bless you bey

  • memoriesbybryant

    I love Beyonce so much! I’ve been involved with helping Homeless school age children in my area — we have a organization here called Homeless Not Friendless where we do benefit shows for homeless students. This is extremely generous! So proud to be a fan.

  • Eric Matterson

    I wonder if her dad’s homeless son from his new girlfriend will move in. LOL

    • Whydid Youblockme

      Omg that’s COLD LOL

  • Whydid Youblockme

    Big UPS to Bey!!! I love her!!!
    (you don’t see kanye or his wh 0 re doing sh!t like this ….)


      Kanye and Kim are not worth a Billion IJS no need to compare at all

      • Whydid Youblockme



          All caps like Kanye lol.

    • RectPropagation

      Except Kanye supports Habitat for Humanity which, since it builds housing for the homeless, is exactly like this. Maybe you should have done a Google search instead of just making things up.

    • Azula

      Actually Kim does but because no one likes her for no apparent reason, no one seems to care

  • Logic

    Thats all fine and dandy, but when one donates a $7million dollar building to people out of work and with little personal responsibility, the city of Huston better hope she’s setting up a trust to pay for drug programs, building maintenance and landscaping otherwise this is going to turn into a $7million drug house

    • maya Mathews


  • Law

    Stop Praising her , they worth 900 million, 7 million is not even 1% of that.

    • Alicia Lee

      No matter what she is worth alone or in conjunction with her husband, it is still a step forward for human-kind. She is not a saint, as I don’t think any human can be (my opinion, i’m obviously not Catholic but no offense to anyone who is) but I do think highly of this action she has chosen to perform. Maybe someone asked her to do so, we don’t really know but honestly, it doesn’t really matter. She did it. I wish I can one day mimic this action. Or something similar.

    • Shawn Li

      How much of whatever you make have you donated to help a stranger in need? I have a better idea… let’s DO praise her selfless act and ignore ignorant, jealous fools like you! All in favor……

    • Tanisha

      So then how much should she have spent? What number would make YOU happy?
      And where are your receipts that you’ve donated or helped with community service in any way?

      I’ll wait…..

      • GuyFawkesIsAlive

        What would make ME happy is that bitch stop promoting herself with #JPMorganChase that fucking criminal bank that’s causing more homelessness. Talk about irony and bullshit. I’ll bet the amount of dough she got from Chase is MORE than this bullshit shelter cost her. What a fucking bitch.

        • me13

          How does chase create homeless people. Here’s an idea… pay your mortgage on time and do it every month. Oh… and don’t buy a house you can’t afford. Houses need upkeep too.

          • GuyFawkesIsAlive

            Come back and play when you can spout more than talking points issued by the felonious banking industry.

        • Ashley

          Your use of the word bitch makes your argument seem hate-filled and bitter. You don’t have to agree with what she does, which is fine, but name calling? Beyond childish when attempting to get a point across.

          Secondly, if JP Morgan Chase indeed utilizes criminal money, that is not common knowledge. You clearly have spent hours on end researching this particular topic. Bey and most people, including myself, have not. It’s quite egotistical to fault people of being ignorant on a subject you consider yourself an expert it.

          How about you spread the word about JP instead of being bitter on a news story about a celebrity doing a good deed. You’re wasting time…

  • VNON

    That ought to shut up all those naysayers that say J-Z is stingy and she shouldn’t show too much skin being a “CHRISTIAN” woman and relays devil worship mannerisms and messages in her music.

  • kittura

    I think it’s a wonderful thing to do… Doesn’t matter what else she owns…. the impact of the donation is significant to be FELT by many….


  • Yvon Champagne

    No surprise here…We’re talkin’ Lady Bey with a Big Heart…You go, girl…

  • Public_Programming

    Yay Bey.. that’s great..

  • Keyee

    Would be great if Beyoncé modeled that complex after Rosie’s Place in Boston MA. They are marvelous. They have all sorts of levels of help for homeless. It is a facility for poor and homeless women, a shelter, 2 meals a day, food pantry, all sorts of classes and then they have a few permanent housing complexes.

  • Marcello Campos
  • Donna Goins Riggs

    I’m sure this is not Beyonce’s only charity she is involved in so criticizing how much she is gives is ridiculous . The point of this one is she is helping men and women and boys and girls into housing. You nay sayers, stop looking a gift horse in the mouth and just be thankful that someone is stepping up to the plate to help. She is not there to fix the problem but she is helping. Now let’s do our part.

  • jcmoore2010

    bet that hurts the houstonians who laugh or harass someone to push them out on the street…then deny them any money on the street corners when asked for it…

  • Rio

    She’s building followers for the national church of b lol. She wants people saying beyonce has done more for me than God and changed their religious affiliation… J/k big ups to b

  • Derrick Brooks
  • HLW

    Wonderful, now her half brother and sister finally have a place to live, lol.

  • GuyFawkesIsAlive

    So, Bey takes CRIMINAL MONEY from #JPMorgan Chase to promote her tour, but “gives back” by building a homeless shelter? Does anyone see the irony in this bullshit?

  • venus baptiste

    Too bad u gotta pay $300 a month to stay there!


    Commendable!!! Go Bey!!!! This is much needed to give people a chance to rise out of poverty .. giving does a heart good!!!

  • Run Coltrane

    Saint Beyonce….never listen to Ministers they can be bought and sold with the quickness. It was still a nice gesture by Saint Bey. I just hope their RENT isn’t too exorbitant. They still have to PAY HER RENT right?

  • joe bloe

    great to see someone making an actual change in the community instead of screaming and yelling for others to do it.

  • Charles Hill

    Well done B

  • Cheryl

    That is wonderful! If only everyone that make millions gave back in that way to the cities from which they came, just imagine??? Compton, Philly, Detroit, Memphis, New Orleans, Chicago, DC etc….

  • TonyaA6

    Kudos to Beyonce! Cities everywhere need help their homeless populations but don’t want to devote the funds for housing, food and social/veterans services. What she has done is so very important and I applaud her for using her money to give back to her community.
    Well done.

  • yugatsuj

    I been waiting for some news like this from their corner for 8 years. Giving out water and shaking hands and kissing babies is cool…but this is real.

  • LaRon

    Much love yo you beyonce….haters gone hate but u are awesome woman…u are a strong woman and a sweet woman….people hating on her i just really wanna know how much have you helped out and its not about money but let me know…? Being rich and famous is not easy so i salute the people that are especially you beyonce

  • Military mom from Va

    sorry beyonce good works will not get you in heaven

  • Annie Laws

    We have NEGATIVE people everywhere… My gratitude to Queen Bey. This is a suggestion to performers, singers, actors and sports stars making plenty of money to do the same thing, Make sure the housing NEVER become a ghetto. Provide money for maintenance, security, job training and money management… Thanks Candy, Bryant, Alicia, Logic cupcake, Nuba , Michael and others for all the POSITIVE feedback.

  • Kerry Cooper

    I’m working on a similar program here in Nashville……I wish I had her funds…..I’d be done already!!!!

  • Lisa Ingram

    Wow!!! She is not only beautiful on the outside, she is even more beautiful on the inside… What a winning combination…..

  • Carol Parker

    Kudos to her!!

  • Dawn B

    amazing !

  • AJ Walker

    Finally good to hear Black people with means using their money to help Black people instead of enriching themselves. I would love to see this catch on.

  • Carlos

    Can’t people just say Thank-you? Geez…

  • John Kenward

    Soo who is going to swindle that 7million?..seen it lots of times in Houston..hope not..praise the Lord..good for her..but dirty dealings abound in the Houston’s mainly that they don’t want to work and follow rules..drinking drugging is the Real problem..not homelessness..and Grant money gets LOST**..Thaddeus from loaves and fishes at the church next door to the existing Knowles Apts walked off with thousands of dollars..leaving the agency/church to close half the time..couldn’t pay for food and salaries..lovely Christian thing to’s a mess in Houston..sure everywhere too..hopefully $$ will help somehow

  • KennyX93

    I’m naturally very empathetic towards people so as a kid I always felt sorry for the homeless but as I got older and witnessed certain things I realized most homeless people are mentally unstable and have a great propensity for senseless violence. This is especially the case for where I’m from (NYC) I don’t know about other places but I assume it’s similar. My main point is I understand her intention but I don’t know how much good will really come out of this unless they have mental health and drug rehabilitation centers built within it.

  • JaQuay Young

    I’ve always been inspired by how much she gives back to her church and her community.and people say she’s overrated.nonsense.she’s doing what God asked us to do and I will continue to follow suit in that area.taking care of the sick and poor.

  • janeyre

    Well done, my Lady…

  • OhMy

    At the end of the day, Bey is helping thousands of homeless men, women and children get off the streets and on the pathway to build a better life. I’m almost a 100% sure they could give two shits about all of the ignorant pseudo intellect being spewed here.

  • Ely Lords


  • John Derek Ward

    I’m in tears, my sista is doin it! I love ❤ you B for being the answer.

  • Linda Garofalo Koschwitz

    A very noble thing to do..very generous, but I would be interested in knowing her plan once it’s built. You provide a place for them to live..then what? What is the plan to keep them in their new will they keep the lights on, heat on, ac on…I would be very interested in knowing the rest.

  • Cristy Darcell Young

    That’s wonderful! At least she is doing something. .other celebs don’t even try to help those in need.

  • Kristi

    I am Very, Very, Very happy for these families. Her and J are Billionaires-
    with a B. Thanks Bey. Please continue to make your life matter to families
    that are less fortunate. B&JZ have a Moral obligation to give more.
    Please use your Powerful voice to advocate for UNIVERSAL HOUSING and
    UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE- as Texas has a high population of impoverished

  • santos

    Lmao I can’t help but to point out the obvious it’s supposed to be for homeless people most likely those people can’t afford to live in a low income complex because they already have no money pay attention to detail sheeple

  • Felycia Mignon

    To set the record straight.. As an ACCOUNTANT… A tax write off does NOT return 100%…. it is a shame the way we talk to one another and DISRESPECT one another just because we don’t agree. I don’t care where the money came from… This country is built on blood money… Point blank period….. So as long as something is being done to care for our own.. When the good old U.S of A has a rep for assisting everyone BUT our own…. Who has the RIGHT to judge right from wrong…. Good money from bad money? From one coast to another this country is covered in crooked, blood stained, murderous money…. Stop bitching and ASSuming that the person needing help is an addict… Take the time to get to know their story you may be surprised at what you LEARN if you LISTEN. Grow up people… NOTHING and I mean NOTHING in this world is given… Taken or borrowed for FREE. GOOGLE how some of your favorite organizations were started… The Mob…. gangs…… Etc….. but hey… Let’s hang Beyonce for trying to do something good REGARDLESS of where the money came from. Ask yourself…”IF YOU WERE COLD AND HUNGRY… WOULD YOU REALLY GIVE A DAM WERE THE MONEY TO WARM AND FEED YOU CAME FROM AFTER LIVING IN THE STREETS… ELEMENTS ETC?” I DON’T THINK SO ….. EVERYONE OF US IS A PAYCHECK AWAY FROM HOMELESS

  • jt

    I think it’s beautiful. She didn’t have to do it, regardless of how much money she has. She earned it. She will sure be blessed for this! I say Amen to her.

  • Tiff

    Is it a homeless shelter or affordable homes project? The two are completely different. But anyway, that’s beside the point.

    Just wanted to add that there are many out there who still give despite not having. This article is definitely written in such a way as to celebrate how awesome and kind Beyonce is than a celebration of philanthropy itself, but nothing wrong with that. We just have to remember that when it comes to things like this, it is more than a statement about what the rich and powerful “should” be doing with their wealth, because you know deep down that you’d buy that little house you’ve always wanted if you made millions yourself! It’s about the heart of giving to those less fortunate than us. Beyonce and her fellow philanthropists done good and will go down in history, but let’s not forget those who give even when they themselves have nothing, but, unfortunately, are invisible to media!

  • Blue3533

    This is a great gesture for sure, but in all actuality 7 million doesn’t go that far these days. The story leaves a lot of questions.. 1) Where is the rest of the money coming from? 2) How is the upkeep of the property going to be paid for? 3) Who’s pocket is most of this money really going into? 4) Who is going to be running this place? It’s not like people can just show up and expect to have a home. I gotta believe there has to be someone being paid to run this operation. If this story is true, I suppose we will hear more about it.

  • UHcoog

    Now lets hope Prop 1 passes so no one is discriminated in this city. VOTE YES for HERO. #BeyBeAHero

  • Temple McKinney

    Not just words….but actions!!! Beyoncé has the resources to make a difference right now….hopefully blacks who have the resources will make their mark as well….

  • disqus_XsUHT2ZEps

    Is funny how one person opinion that’s negative about what Beyonce did can affect the whole world who cares what one person thinks their aint enough jobs in this world for everybody so everybody is not that fortunate so if you want to go work at McDonalds or wash dishes maybe you can get a job but for now they have a roof over their head and she’s got the money to do it and she feel like doing it that’s her prerogative nobody elses

  • BigDreamsALLDay

    Hope it works out she did her part

  • Caroline Mullin

    wow 7 million, that is very generous, and she is helping those on her home ground. That amount takes some raising for any charity, so to get it from one individual is amazing. It will do great good, isnt that what its all about. Fair play to her, I hope she inspires other well off fortunate celebrities to follow suit. Im sure she will feel good to see how she has helped her community. To give is too receive.

  • Donna Turner

    Get yo blessing girl! Kudos to you beyonce

  • azur Rienne

    According to another article this place only houses 43 homeless either they live like kings or someone is wasting a lot of Beyonces money

    • Boogie Man

      And not only that if i’m homeless that also means that i don’t have a job, no income, no way to pay my bills (gas, electric, water, (food is optional don’t eat that much anyway), etc. So that’s all you have to be is homeless to quality for a home? Does that come with complete home furnishing, two car garage, patio or deck, with BBQ pit (optional), 24/hr security?.
      where do you sign-up?

  • Naima Lynah

    Ok, in case you all missed it, she did not come out of her pocket for this. She has a crowdfunding platform. Her platform is CHIME FOR CHANGE. Chime For Change co-Founders Beyoncé
    Knowles-Carter and Salma Hayek Pinault continue to lead the campaign
    with its coalition of partner organizations. I tip my hat off to her platform for getting this done. I have my own platform for getting homes to working class people that don’t qualify for government handouts and assistance. I don’t know or have the high rollers that she has so I haven’t raised 7 million dollars to give away or build. Crowdfunding is a very great platform and you’d be surprised of all the companies and individuals that are using it to raise money for many different types of causes.

  • Tanisha Adjo

    Wow great stuff B…. #successlevelcoaching

  • Arieal Stillnlove Jefferson

    Go Beyonce
    I love all the positive you have done through out your career

  • bassman21

    They will tear it up in a few years like they do everything else. People don’t respect what isn’t theirs and handouts don’t address the root of their problems.

  • Betty Smith

    Great for Beyoncé….a selfless act helping people in her hometown. High five

  • dj

    She got the 7 million from a yard sale of last year’s wigs

  • angryteacher

    That was an extremely kind thing to do. Good for her.

  • Boogie Man

    It’s all a tax write-off anyway.

  • Debra

    I admire anyone who gives no matter how much….but, it doesn’t lessen building hate to make that money. The housing area, I hate to ask but is it racially mixed and diverse or largely a black area? (Flinching now waiting to be attacked ) help all, love all, All lives matter

    • Boogie Man

      i’m pretty sure it won’t matter i think bey parents lived in a very nice area as she was growing up. Now where they are going to build is unknown. i’m pretty sure it will be mixed the only problem they will have is the adjustment for some. “You can take a horse to water but you can’t make them drink”. Some people just can’t adjust to different environments like Cold weather, Nice neighborhood, City life, Country living, etc.

  • PacificGirl818

    This is the side of Beyonce we need to see more of!

  • LaDonna Williams

    Belafonte pricked that consciousence! Good for her and the people to benefit.

  • brantc

    Yep. The music business is so honest…

  • yanni54

    Hey Rudy and FOX less see you bitch about this!! Oh, listen folks, CRICKETS!!!!!!!

  • Melinda Craig

    Rudy Giuliani, Mike Huckabee and Ted Nugent also spent $7 Million on housing for homeless people. JUST KIDDING! Way to GO Beyonce!

  • Talk2Neit

    Awesome Bey! Wish more did this!

  • Roland Cuthbert

    Yeah, anyone can see by this thread. We have real problems. We can’t even figure out how to get on the same side.

    Weird stuff.

  • Adrian Marie Davis

    Yesssss she my idol now and been my idol

  • Awyeaha

    Does anyone else feel like this is all a ruse to make her look good so she can play that role about Saartjie Baartman??


    The comments are ridiculous. For everyone that have something negative to say what have you done? what have you attempted to do? Can you afford to do it? On that note like she said stay graceful! Best Revenge Is Getting Ur Paper!!!!! LMMFAO

  • tux13s

    Congrats to Beyoncé, Queen is fierce than ever!!!

  • 92gsr

    Was it donated or will she be charging rent?

  • Zaphod’s right head

    She should have given her money to the government and her buddy obammy and let them take care of the homeless. According to the Bern they are much better at everything than you are and need most of your money to take care of everyone. That is so selfish of her.

  • Mike De Fleuriot

    Notice that most of these articles are rather limited on the amount of actual information that they provide. How many houses, what type of houses, what is the cost to the people who will use them, when will they be available, who is doing the building, what links does the builders have with the Beyonce company? None of this is mentioned, just that she is a saint for giving seven million dollars, hell Melissa Gates does more good than this in one day with her work that this scheme

  • jerome

    Why cant someone do something to help people without you stupid ass selfish people trying to find something bad in it shut the hell up she helped the end ….

  • Quintilian

    I met the young lady sensation after she sang for the crowning of a friend — who won the Ms. Black Houston contest years ago — before stardom. She had a nice personality, and now I see she has nice character.

  • Stephen Karnes

    I dont give a flying donut about her wardrobe choices, she has shown she has a good heart and wishes to continue doing so, can’t we just let people do their own thing? She is obviously trying to help. I know Im just a fat old white man, no longer hip or cool, but I know right from wrong and all you crybabies need to STFU and let good people do good things without your Effing advice

  • Sherice

    I’m not a Beyonce fan, but that girl is alright with me. Keep up the good work lady!

  • Bea Prince

    I wonder if you have to be black or a panther to live there, No props from me

  • MAX1950

    thats nice building her own ghetto

  • Gowdie Ranks

    Up up up sis, now let them talk all day long, we don’t care

  • theTruth23

    Go Bey!! This is what fame and fortune is about! Give back!! Using her blessings to help others! God bless her!

  • Saba Mendez

    Big deal, celebrities do all sorts of charity. Makes them sleep better at night or think they have a first class ticket to heaven. Everyone from Donald Trump to Pablo Escobar has donated millions to look good in the eyes of the public………just saying

  • EmamMuhammedd

    786 Sold your soul for fame & fortune, redeem your soul by building a 12 Imams Shia Masjid and ALLAH will build U a Mansion in HIS Paradise.

  • EmamMuhammedd

    786 Exclusive worship of our CREATOR & obedience to HIM, HIS Prophets & Their Successors, HIS 12 Holy Imams in Shia Islam is the purpose of life on Earth while doing good, avoiding traps & pit falls i.e. lies, false religion, vices etc. of the damn Satan. ALLAH appointed me successor to Imam W.D. Mohammed & how U respond to what i am saying will determine your eternal life i.e. Paradise or Hell Fire after going through the door of Death. 27 Million Black People R Still Owned As Slaves Today In Muslim Countries! No Liberal/Dem Ever Complains About That! 786 USA’s Black people freed from physical chains while enslaved mentally via loyalty to lies=Christianity & misinformation=lies mixed with truth=all sects of Islam except 12 Imams Shia Islam Original.

  • EmamMuhammedd

    +Sage Wisdom 786 ALLAH is always Present at every time, place with every being=jinn, angel & human, closer than their jugular vein, knowing every word spoken silently=thought or aloud, knowing every leaf that falls from every tree as HE is all Knowing all Wise, all Powerful etc. Satan is present also attempting with great success to lure Humanity into Hell Fire forever via inviting them to disobey the Guidance of ALLAH conveyed through Prophets, the Scriptures {= Truth of Bible & Holy Qur’an} They brought and a Representative {=12th Holy Imam Mohammed al Mahdi} of our CREATOR will always be on Earth until the Day of Judgment. ALLAH MOST HIGH would not allow Hell Fire without clear Guidance {=12 Imams Shia Islam} to avoid it… We are Shia Muslims…
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  • EmamMuhammedd

    786 O ALLAH, bless Mohammed & the Family of Mohammed as THOU did bless Abraham & the Family of Abraham. Dear LORD please grant our parents comfort, sustenance & protection in the grave until Judgment Day & on that Day dear LORD please grant us the where with all to intercede on their behalf. O ALLAH please increase us in knowledge, wisdom, understanding, patience, courage, piety, protection, good health etc. for the purpose of governing our Nation with your Guidance and Power. O ALLAH when death approach us please make it easy for us with no fear in our heart & your NAME on our tongue, for surely THOU art praised & magnified in our midst, praise be to ALLAH. Please follow on Twitter imam Muhammad1 @ deputyMahdi, G*D willing i will follow U too… thank U.

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