Beyoncé drops millions to build homeless shelter in Houston

Beyoncé is certainly feeling philanthropic this year! After donating half a million to Chime for Change, a global campaign that was created to help strengthen and unite the voices of young women around the world by inspiring them with “powerful stories” about inspiring women, back in June, news surfaced that Mrs. Carter didn’t stop there!

Recently, the Houston native dropped $7 million to build a low-income housing project in her hometown for homeless men and women and children. She was even dubbed a saint by her Pastor, Rev. Rudy Rasmus for her involvement with the church.

“She’s an incredible human being. Has an incredible heart and has been extremely helpful in our mission and our ministry here,” Rasmus said in a recent interview with KHOU.

“She has a global platform and is doing some amazing work and I’m glad she’s a friend of mine,” he continued. – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie

Ruu Hawkins

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  • Nuba X

    That’s whats up! Props to Beyonce!!! Funny how people only respond in here to people like Beyonce when its negative drama. But when they doing something positive…it’s a Ghost Town. Nobody has nothing to say. shm.

    Once again, excellent job helping the homeless. We need more of that in this country.


    • daphnewbowden

      just before I looked at the receipt ov $8130 , I
      didn’t believe that my sister woz like actualy bringing in money part-time from
      there pretty old laptop. . there aunts neighbour has been doing this 4 only
      about 22 months and at present repayed the mortgage on their appartment and
      bought themselves a Chrysler . see here M­o­n­e­y­d­u­t­i­e­s­.­C­O­M­

    • Law

      That’s like you had 900 dollars and you give a homeless man 7 bucks.. big deal! Their net worth is almost a billion.

      • Kiya The Digital Gurl

        That is the stupidest bunch of nonsense ever, what is she suppose to give it all away…How much have you given?

        • Michael Bennett

          Exactly, a 7 million dollar development is nothing shake your finger at. Thousands of lives and families will be bless by this charitable gift.

        • GuyFawkesIsAlive

          So, Bey takes CRIMINAL MONEY from #JPMorgan Chase to promote her tour, but “gives back” by building a homeless shelter? Does anyone see the irony in this bullshit?

      • dymonsatl

        She has a life and a family and people to pay salaries to. Should she give it all away and then end up living in the shelter she built.

        • hec

          Her contribution comes goes to a non profit then the payment is made. don’t worry she has great accountants. She sleeps great every night

      • piffstar tv

        Beyounce did nothing special but a tax right off,she gets every dime back especially giving to the roman teaching church. We need those funds for real schools that teach that kemet education & free breakfast for those kids that’s not eating every morning!!!

        Need those millions to start our own banks & businesses Beyounce gets finace by the same euro jews bloodline that enslave the people of central east africa

        She doesn’t show black women to love there self she shows them how to be blonde & wear weave & not be the goddess who she can be

        If you a women of kemet descent wake up beyounce is apart of the fuckery which is financed by the rhodes,rockefellas, Carnegie, Rothschild,

        • Kiya The Digital Gurl

          Again what have you given. Change starts at home. Instead wasting energy speaking on what the next person is or isn’t doing exert that energy doing your part. Black people stay blaming the boogie man for our problems. No doubt we have challenges that other races in this country and around the world don’t have, but at what point do we take personal responsibility for our station in life as a race. You say we need our own banks and our own educational system, well you are 100 on that, but what are you doing to make that happen cuz criticizing that women is not going make it happen.

        • GuyFawkesIsAlive

          Right on, Bro! Look at that BLONDE hair on an African American. Who the fuck does this bitch think she is? Taking money from #JPMorganChase to promote her tour….sucking at the white man’s teet to get what little milk they promise her. Turn coat. Fucking turn coat.

        • venus baptiste

          Amen Brother!! And what they atent getting is that u have to PAY $300 a month to stay there!! Our people are so lost!! We need a Farrakhan for this new generation! Theyre do misled!!

      • Fordy

        Here’s one; a few weeks ago I did indeed give a homeless man £7, even though I had approximately £900 in my bank account. The gentleman was so grateful- however most of my friends said that I was stupid, and it only went towards feeding his drug/alchohol addiction. The thing is, you are damned if you do. you are damned if you don’t. So let’s all just appreciate these small acts of kindness, regardless of our income or lack thereof.

    • GuyFawkesIsAlive

      I REPLIED—> So, Bey takes CRIMINAL MONEY from #JPMorgan Chase to promote her tour, but “gives back” by building a homeless shelter? Does anyone see the irony in this bullshit?

    • venus baptiste

      Zonk!!! U gotta pay $300 a month to stay there! U think she was gonna do that shit for free?? Bey just as fake as hell.

  • mrhowell2002

    That’s great Beyoncé did that … But dubbed a saint!!! She did a great deed lets leave it at that ..

    • memoriesbybryant

      Yeah. They exaggerated that. Lol. I love her and all but… lol.

  • Vana Phill

    Brava! Kudos to Beyoncé. Let’s see more rich celebs follow suit.

  • monique
  • Msnj

    Just imagine if more people in general would pull $$$ together to do this in our country. Just imagine if we started taking care of the those right here in great ole USA first iWhat a great country this would really be. Nothing but luv for Bey….God bless her…

    • memoriesbybryant

      I had no idea exactly how many people in this country were homeless until about 7 years ago, when I was old enough to actually start paying attention. I had a friend in school who was homeless and never knew — that’s when I started researching. You’re so right! This country would be such a brighter place.

      • Alicia Lee

        It really is a lot and often in places I find I thought were areas where everyone has a home. If we spent the money on things like this that people often spend on entertainment, the world would be a much better place. Or if we call on our entertainers (this includes athletes in my opinion) to do things that we can’t necessarily do with our incomes alone but they can do with their incomes or a potion of, then I think we would see much more of this or similar actions and less of them doing bad things (like getting arrested so much, overdosing, etc.) Just my opinion.

  • cupcakesugar

    LOVE BEYONCE , SHE IS a real giving and honored person ., and everyone has problems and her being a star is harder to get through it but with her church prayers for her shell be ok . god bless you bey

  • memoriesbybryant

    I love Beyonce so much! I’ve been involved with helping Homeless school age children in my area — we have a organization here called Homeless Not Friendless where we do benefit shows for homeless students. This is extremely generous! So proud to be a fan.

  • Eric Matterson

    I wonder if her dad’s homeless son from his new girlfriend will move in. LOL

    • Whydid Youblockme

      Omg that’s COLD LOL

  • Whydid Youblockme

    Big UPS to Bey!!! I love her!!!
    (you don’t see kanye or his wh 0 re doing sh!t like this ….)


      Kanye and Kim are not worth a Billion IJS no need to compare at all

      • Whydid Youblockme



          All caps like Kanye lol.

    • RectPropagation

      Except Kanye supports Habitat for Humanity which, since it builds housing for the homeless, is exactly like this. Maybe you should have done a Google search instead of just making things up.

    • Azula

      Actually Kim does but because no one likes her for no apparent reason, no one seems to care

  • Logic

    Thats all fine and dandy, but when one donates a $7million dollar building to people out of work and with little personal responsibility, the city of Huston better hope she’s setting up a trust to pay for drug programs, building maintenance and landscaping otherwise this is going to turn into a $7million drug house

  • Law

    Stop Praising her , they worth 900 million, 7 million is not even 1% of that.

    • Alicia Lee

      No matter what she is worth alone or in conjunction with her husband, it is still a step forward for human-kind. She is not a saint, as I don’t think any human can be (my opinion, i’m obviously not Catholic but no offense to anyone who is) but I do think highly of this action she has chosen to perform. Maybe someone asked her to do so, we don’t really know but honestly, it doesn’t really matter. She did it. I wish I can one day mimic this action. Or something similar.

    • Shawn Li

      How much of whatever you make have you donated to help a stranger in need? I have a better idea… let’s DO praise her selfless act and ignore ignorant, jealous fools like you! All in favor……

    • Tanisha

      So then how much should she have spent? What number would make YOU happy?
      And where are your receipts that you’ve donated or helped with community service in any way?

      I’ll wait…..

      • GuyFawkesIsAlive

        What would make ME happy is that bitch stop promoting herself with #JPMorganChase that fucking criminal bank that’s causing more homelessness. Talk about irony and bullshit. I’ll bet the amount of dough she got from Chase is MORE than this bullshit shelter cost her. What a fucking bitch.

  • VNON

    That ought to shut up all those naysayers that say J-Z is stingy and she shouldn’t show too much skin being a “CHRISTIAN” woman and relays devil worship mannerisms and messages in her music.

  • kittura

    I think it’s a wonderful thing to do… Doesn’t matter what else she owns…. the impact of the donation is significant to be FELT by many….


  • Yvon Champagne

    No surprise here…We’re talkin’ Lady Bey with a Big Heart…You go, girl…

  • Public_Programming

    Yay Bey.. that’s great..

  • Keyee

    Would be great if Beyoncé modeled that complex after Rosie’s Place in Boston MA. They are marvelous. They have all sorts of levels of help for homeless. It is a facility for poor and homeless women, a shelter, 2 meals a day, food pantry, all sorts of classes and then they have a few permanent housing complexes.

  • Marcello Campos
  • Donna Goins Riggs

    I’m sure this is not Beyonce’s only charity she is involved in so criticizing how much she is gives is ridiculous . The point of this one is she is helping men and women and boys and girls into housing. You nay sayers, stop looking a gift horse in the mouth and just be thankful that someone is stepping up to the plate to help. She is not there to fix the problem but she is helping. Now let’s do our part.

  • jcmoore2010

    bet that hurts the houstonians who laugh or harass someone to push them out on the street…then deny them any money on the street corners when asked for it…

  • Rio

    She’s building followers for the national church of b lol. She wants people saying beyonce has done more for me than God and changed their religious affiliation… J/k big ups to b

  • Derrick Brooks
  • HLW

    Wonderful, now her half brother and sister finally have a place to live, lol.

  • GuyFawkesIsAlive

    So, Bey takes CRIMINAL MONEY from #JPMorgan Chase to promote her tour, but “gives back” by building a homeless shelter? Does anyone see the irony in this bullshit?

  • venus baptiste

    Too bad u gotta pay $300 a month to stay there!