Matt Jordan talks about which ‘RHOA’ star he would date next

Matt Jordan, the ex-boyfriend of RHOA Kenya Moore, is done with dating women sixteen years plus his age and is looking for someone he can grow with. We asked him had he never met Kenya who would be his woman of choice.


Jonell Whitt
Jonell Whitt

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  1. Can’t believe I clicked on this crap (bored apparently). Not all men want someone their age or younger. Some are believe it or not mature enough to date women older than they are. Porscha is not everyone’s cup of tea and comes off as airheaded eye candy. Thus she attracts the type of dudes she gets. Although Kenya is a nut, Matt seems to be a tad bit off kilt himself and for that they made a great couple. If Kenya had a good therapist (and possibly meds) to deal with her psych issues and childhood abandonment she would of seen that Matt was the best thing for her.

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