LeBron James delivers $1.3 million in cash to game-show winners



LeBron James is making power plays on and off the court. In addition to his prosperous basketball career, the NBA star is an executive producer with his friend and business partner Maverick Carter for a new game show on NBC called “The Wall.” The 10-episode series is set to feature two-person teams related by family, friendship, or coincidental life experiences.

Each week, contestants will be given a shot at winning between $1-$100,000,00 by answering tough trivia questions correctly. One lucky family won right in time for the holiday season, and James was there to capture the unforgettable moment on a video he posted to his Instagram account.

“Christmas is the season for giving. Ever seen $1.3 million in cash hand delivered to an amazing family? Merry Christmas everyone,” he wrote.



The Cleveland Cavaliers forward delivered the cash himself to the family, showing up on their front doorstep with the $1.3 million prize. The family had no idea he was coming. Their reaction was priceless, leaving James in high spirits.

The mother screamed, while one of the kids looks up at LeBron like, “Is that really him?” She was completely in disbelief.

James promises he has many more tricks up his sleeve, and he will be revealing them throughout the remainder of the show’s first season.

Catch “The Wall” on NBC at 10pm/EST, Jan. 2.

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