Oh lawd: Azealia Banks attends Paris Fashion Week and forgets to cover her butt


It’s a question that I found myself pondering the moment a batch of red carpet photos of rapper-social firecracker Azealia Banks appeared in my inbox. The photos, taken at the Moncler and Greg Lauren ‘Collide’ party during Paris Fashion Week, showcased Banks in a pair of denim shorts, with the backside noticeably missing. The move for red carpet attention directly followed Nicki Minaj’s attempt to make some noise by exposing a body part in the name of fashion. Only hers was a breast.

Photo Credit: Rex Photos

And while Minaj’s take can be interpreted as a reasonably bold attempt at high fashion, Banks’ attire didn’t nothing of the sort. In fact, if anything, it confirmed the growing narrative that for all of her boundless talent, Azealia Banks still has an incredibly difficult time reading the room.


Check out the photos below, and let us know if you think her style is classy or trashy.

DeWayne Rogers
DeWayne Rogers

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  1. This is absolutely disgusting…she looks a sh***y mess. Why come out the house to a public place looking like this. I guess others could probably pull something like this off but she needs to pull it off and burn it quick, fast and in a hurry…POINT,BLANK,PERIOD… Does she suppose to be cute, tell me how did she get to TV, radio or whatever…does she sing, act..who the 7734 is she….All I know is she needs help first with the knees, then the rest should follow. Not to diss her or anything but she should have thought twice or more times before coming out in public looking like this…

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