Congress moves to strip Obama of his presidential pension

Barack Obama. Photo credit: Twitter –@BarackObama
Photo credit: Twitter –@BarackObama

A lot of people were upset when Barack Obama was elected as the first Black president of the United States. Throughout his presidency, Obama was met with unprecedented opposition by the Republican establishment. Now, after the recent House congressional victory in an attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare, lawmakers are now trying to strip Obama of his presidential pension.

Because both Michelle and Barack Obama have signed book deals worth an estimated $65 million and now former President Obama is commanding a $400,000 speaking fee, some in Congress feel he is making too much money as a former public servant. Currently, former presidents receive $207,800 in pension benefits, which is the same salary as a cabinet-level member. Lawmakers want to reduce the amount dollar for dollar for former presidents who make more than $400,000 a year in income. In 2016, Congress attempted to pass such a bill but it was vetoed by then-President Obama. Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz and Iowa Republican Sen. Joni Ernst plan to reintroduce the legislation soon. Chaffetz stated that the “Obama hypocrisy on this issue is revealing.”

Surprisingly, Congressman Elijah Cummings, a Democrat, may support the legislation. His spokesperson, Jennifer Hoffman Werner, stated to the media “Cummings definitely supports the concept, and if we can work out the technical issues with the bill that arose late in the last Congress, we expect he would strongly support it again.”

The Former Presidents Act was passed in 1958, prior to the law’s passage there was no pension for former presidents. At the time, former US President Harry Truman was living in virtual poverty as he returned to civilian life as the owner of a hat shop. It was apparent to many that when Obama left office he would be a highly sought after speaker or member of any corporate board and would command a high salary. There has never been such animus toward a president who has left office as there has been against President Obama.



Mo Barnes
Mo Barnes

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  1. Try as they may to tarnish the legacy of President Barack Obama, the racists and mental midgets in Congress will not succeed. The man’s legacy is being magnified every day. He led by example proving everyday, day by day how much of a better man that he is. There’s nothing that can be done to change that! The youth of America and the world know it.

  2. Hatred towards President Barack Obama is unprecedented and unwarranted. His haters know no boundaries to contain their deeds of opposition.

  3. IF Comrade Trump and the Klan calling themselves the republican congress can figure a way to get rid of ANY mention of Obama in history and change Comrade Trump the Orange Messiah’s number and make him number 44th president they will.

    There hatred of Obama is beyond all sane rationale.

  4. If the pension of the President was in place when he was sworn into office, then that’s the amount he should receive once he is out of office!!!
    That cut in pension would be effective for the next President that takes office after Congress has made and approved these changes.
    It’s like your retirement pension. If your employer gives you paperwork saying what your retirement payment will be.Thats what they have to pay.
    They can’t change the rules and your pension amount after you serve your term and leave. That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen!!!
    Geeeesh, the things they will do to control the Obamas in and out of Office… Just Pathetic!!!

    1. Yes, he did! Anyone who withstood that kind of relentless abuse and disrespect toward him AND his family, including his minor children (a new low), deserves whatever they can earn LEGALLY. Shameful!

  5. they really need to leave this man alone. they really hate this man. wow didn’t other presidents done the same thing so y single Obama out. these racist bastards need to worry abt more important things then obama.

  6. If they concentrate on the disaster called President Drump, and their demolitions of America, maybe things would be working better. The downward spiral heard in space! How does reaping what you already sowed taste?

  7. We need to impress upon them that they also need to reduce their own benefits. Being a public servant should not include life long entitlements as it current does. That is the prevailing thinking, and it should apply to all.

  8. I have long thought Cummings was over the hill and a relic, now he can just KMA. If Congress wants to do something like this, they grandfather in Obama and previous Presidents and make it effective with #45 or #46. As far as Cummings is concerned, he needs to be voted out and all the old Democratic relics. Him, Clyburn, Feinstein, Pelosi, Dingle, and the rest of the losers.

    1. It’s going to take at least 4 generations. Racism is socially learned and comes from child abuse. It’s a ‘hand-me-down’ illness stoked by low education levels and/or ignorance. We can’t tent the house of racists and fumigate as we do for bugs like cockroaches and termites. Too bad…

  9. Another fucked up GOP action only a President who has been impeached should be denied his pension. Everyone who votes to deny Obama his pension should lose their taxpayer sponsored health care, not be re-elected and lose their pensions. McConnell should reimburse the taxpayers for the 8 years he admitted to being paid for doing nothing.

  10. Hey Congress you can have that little fonky azz pension. You’re not hurting Obama. He’s making double that little piss ant pension in one speech. So keep your sh!t and fck ya..The big homie Barack gonna still be good.

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