Metallic nails are a hit again this season.

This writer eyed a plethora of custom nail designs during the International Beauty Show in New York. The creations ranged from Dashing Diva’s new DesignFX line, comprised of 36 unique nail appliqués that feature cutting edge nail art combined with high-end fashion and can complement your outfit, to custom designs by various nail artisans around the tri-state area featuring Hello Kitty, stiletto and the wildly popular Louboutin-inspired nails.

Blooming nails

Nails with blooms

blooms and bling

Blooms and bling

clearly fashionable

Clear nails with designs are fashionable and can help nails appear less gaudy.

coral nails

These coral nails feature designs on the last two fingers on each hand.

louboutin nails

Christian Louboutin-inspired nails are all the rage. Dashing Diva originals.

metallic nails

Metallic nails are a hit again this season.

multi design stiletto nails with bracelet enhancement

The multi-designed stiletto nails in purple are enhanced by a Bollywood-inspired bracelet featuring a butterfly.

nails jersey girl (1)

Jersey girl rocks her custom nails designs.

nails stiletto

Stiletto nails with geometric shapes.

runway nails

Dashing Diva "runway nails" can be customized to match your outfit.

zebra leopards french manicures

Choose Dashing Diva's zebra, leopard and French manicure kits.