Style expert Lloyd Boston shares tips for the perfect holiday punch table


As a stylist, I cover the red carpets and the runways specifically, and fashion always makes its way into the home, it makes its way into the way you kind of decorate your life. Family Dollar has a lot of cool unexpected finds that I know real women and men can use around the holiday season to make their tables look like a celebrity home and not spend a lot of money.

A stylish holiday party starts with a stylish punch table. Now your guests are going to arrive a little thirsty and maybe a little peckish, but you want to make it fashionable. I say you can decorate with ornaments off the tree. I love these glass ornaments here that are in an antique field, they’re glass and they come for two for three dollars at Family Dollar, so I love the fact you can stack these up high in a bowl or you do the smaller ones that come 14 for three dollars all in the same color family and it gives it that rich elegant look.

Most great holiday events have what’s called an arrival punch table or you know a little area with some snacks and light refreshments for the moment your guests walk in the door but you don’t want it to be boring and expected — people like things to be a little more stylish these days and you don’t have to spend a lot to do it. Now you want your place mats to be functional but fabulous around the holiday season.

A gold finish place mat come two dollars each and I put one under each punch bowl but also they are going to reflect the lighting so you want to turn down the overhead lights and use candlelight this season. These are great wax coated LED lights they’re battery operated and they shut off automatically, they come four for $10 and we put them on pedestals that have an antique feel again in the same metallic color family, they come three for five dollars, so again you’re not spending a lot but you are really elevating the look and feel of that first sip of punch. This punch table will be something that adults and kids can enjoy; we’ll save the other beverages for later in the night.

You can never have enough bling on a holiday table, especially if you keep it all in the same color family. This long, slim, shiny tree is three dollars and I put the angel right next to it — she’s four dollars — and we’re adding the white yogurt covered raisins and I love it because they’re tasty and they still look chic. So here’s a quick and stylish holiday decorating tip; I found these metallic shimmery stars they start at one dollar each and what I did was took some simple fishing line, the 3M command strips and you can place them above your punch table kind of like snowflakes it adds dimension, it adds sparkle and really creates a warm chic welcome, so for the holiday season, make their first sip fabulous and you can give more by spending less.


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