Isis King

DC Comics made history last week when they introduced the American comic worlds first openly transgender character, Alysia Yeoh, in the pages of Batgirl.

Yeoh’s “coming out” story marks the latest point of progress in the rising prominence of transgender figures in the public spotlight and may pave the way for other fictional, transgender characters and real-life transgender people to be recognized and accepted in everyday life.

Check out some other famous transgender celebs below. – nicholas robinson


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  • locab

    If i come across a man with no penis, i’m spazzin’ out

    • Kelly Lewinsky Segura

      I bet u would like it lol

    • Jackie Cutter

      Don’t worry, none of us want your dumb ass either.

    • sarah jiles

      That type of ignorant behavior is why there are so many hate & violence in our world today. Trans people is not a game, it’s medical, something you are born with. They are human beings like you! Do you want your family or kids face the same abuse you are expressing towards the Transgender community? Think about it, words lead into HATE and results into MURDER!

    • A*

      I feel much more sorry for trans people than I do for judgemental assholes who have a lack of understanding. I really hate people who hate and discriminate, u judgers and discriminaters make me sick.

  • Joe

    This is incorrect. Yeoh is NOT the first openly transgender American comic character.

    Grant Morrison’s 1994-1996 series, “The Invisibles,” featured a central character named Lord Fanny whose transgendered identity was the main focus of several issues.

    • Joe

      Neil Gaiman’s “Sandman” series also prominently featured a pre-operative transsexual character named Wanda as a major cast member in the 1991-1992 “Game of You” storyline.

      • Kelly Lewinsky Segura

        I never knew that

  • Guest

    That Laverne is a total bitch, Met her performing at a bachelorette party at Lucky Chengs NYC and she was so mean and nasty to everyone. There must be real LGBT activists that you could have found.

  • Klay Kieh

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    • Frugmus

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      • Klitius Smooth

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    • Sean Royce

      You’re ignorant as fuck, they’re born mentally thinking they should be the other sex. It’s not something they can help.

      • T

        Thank You!

        • Sean Royce

          No problem.

          • arcadian

            You guys are failed human. Like they are they failed on their gender okay. They wanted the glamour (guys who a
            Want to be girls)or just to lazy to be glamorized (girls who wants to be guys) . They have society they need help for any to human to say that they don t are sick themselves. Sadly its both of you.

          • Sean Royce

            Nice spelling idiot.

          • gaybasher

            Relax. Everyone has an opinion.

          • আলুর দ্ম

            i’m one with you…

      • Klitius Smooth

        @sean royce hear how dumb you sound, so your born to being a pedophile or a murder.

      • Klitius Smooth

        Sean Royce, if you believe that dumb shit, than your the type believe dog an cats can mate a human baby.#moron

      • Alexis Voice

        Fixing a mental problem with a physical solution, what happened to if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck…since when do we say, “sorry, since you feel like a chicken, we’re gonna make you look like a chicken”. This world is not progressing, not in the least. Everything we have an issue with, we go under the knife, we alter and we change…acceptance? what’s next? I was born black, but I feel white, I feel like a lion so I want a tail, c’mon now. A mental issue requires a mental solution…no?

    • Jackie Cutter

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      • Klitius Smooth

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    • আলুর দ্ম

      yea… that is really terrible !!!

    • Sam

      I don’t understand how you can say that about people you don’t know. YOU don’t know their situation, YOU don’t know their bodies OR their minds, you don’t even know what’s normal. All you know is what you’ve been TAUGHT. When you allow yourself to open your mind a bit and see things from the other perspective, then come back and try to make some sort of intelligent comment.

      • Klitius Smooth

        Once again, another person with you don’t know situation. BLAH…..@Sam so when pedophile molest a kid, do you know their situation,or when a person is killed for their nationality or their race, do you know their situation. Exactly…. sometimes if you don’t know how to think, learn to stay out of grown folk business. God made man, an then created woman from man. God didn’t create man, an have another man come out of another man. God didn’t create man, for him to turn into women. I don’t get why you open your mouth if you are not going think first. 2 of the same sex can’t reproduce, you don’t have freedom of will to think your God to switch your sex. If you was made a man, it’s a reason why you was made a man.

        • MelanieWaffle

          Look, I’ve recently been struggling with my gender identity. It is insanely hard. I can’t believe God would want me to suffer so much. The dysphoria is crippling.I know it won’t make any difference in your opinion or mind what is right or what is wrong. At this point, I’m not even asking you accept us. but please leave us alone. It is hard enough to keep my faith as is. People like you drive other trans away from God.Just something to think about mainly. Also, thanks everyone for sticking up for us. We really need cis people at our back in times like this. God bless.

    • A*

      It’s ignorant bastards like you make me sick. I couldn’t care less if people like you jumped off a cliff or something. You people with your hate and shit, I hate you judgemental assholes. Leave trans people the fuck alone!

      • Klitius Smooth

        First of all im not ignorant jack…!!! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. With that being said, if you want me off a cliff come push me….. im waiting, ???? thought so, im still typing. I love everyone, not fake love, real love. Tough love, is not to b.s. with my “fellow man”, so if you like lieing to people to, keep on. I am not here picking on trans, gay people run this world. So, you can take your captain cape off-_- a.k.a your dress

  • ToTwTo

    Amazon Eve should be on this list … aka Erika Ervin born 1967 William “Bill” Ervine Pilger she’s famous for being the “World’s Tallest Model” according to Guinness Book of World Records.

  • আলুর দ্ম

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  • আলুর দ্ম

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  • Penny Bullock

    God gave man intelligence. So if a person becomes a doctor. Then he can either save lifes or be a doctor frankentine. Their choices have nothing to do with God’s will. It’s their choices how they use their skills. Free will includes mans choices, actions, and words. The catch is: If we make bad decisions. Do bad things. He holds us accountable. I constantly hear people say” why did God let this happen”. Reality, God has no involvment in man’s choices. He simply gave us a guideline(bible) which gives us information. On what he considers bad choices. Then Jesus came along. He never changed his fathers laws. He merly breaks it down: love they God with all thy heart. Do unto others as you would do unto yourself. Love thy neighbors(in spite of theyselves). Judge not least ye be judged. See reality is. No man is really equipped to judge another. Remember: He without sin cast the first stone. Sin is sin. We all sin. My thing is.Who am I to tell another person they wrong cause they gay or transgender? Who am I to tell another person they going to hell? After all, the bible does say. Those we think may be last, may be first. People tend to pick and choose parts of the bible. That fits their prejudice thinking. And they run with it. Well remember fornication is a sin outside of marrige. Bearing false wittness against thy neighbor(gossiping, lying on a person) Is one of the ten commandments . Worshiping mamon(material thing, money, ect) . Stealing is a commandment we should not do(lying also). I say all this to say. I don’t know about your lives!! But me personally. Yes I belive in God. Yes I love God. But I am in no way a saint!! I still sin. I’ve nevet killed a person. But I pretty much at one time or another. Have broken quite a few of the ten commandment!!. I’m not trying to brag about my sins I’m saying this to say. A lot people tend to try and make another person, or type of people feel bad for they choices. Well guess what? We need not be worrying about their choices!!! We better be worring about our own!!! Cause in the end( those that say they belive in Gods word). Then they should already know this. Those that cause a child who loves God to sin against God. Is a sin that bears down hard upon their heads!! That’s what we all should be focusing on. How to help the children. Before they grow up to be Ted Bundys, Charles Masons. Or someone way worse!! Oh! for you people who never knew about the children. Heres where it’s written :MATTHEW 17-18 vrs 1-6. Remember: we are all children of God. Jesus came for all.. To be able to be forgiven for our sins. Im not a holy roller!! Some say I can be a beast:) But truth is. Im clay in Gods hands. And everyday I breath life. I’ll be forever be being molded. Blessings to us all:)

    what we should be focusing on

    • sarah jiles

      Well said…Thank you:)

      • charles


  • MattMarriott

    As for US soldier Bradley Manning:
    Ongoing End of Show 2013-2014: ANY stories massively covered by media are totally staged with actors.
    From news to reality shows, nothing but actors playing scripted roles. The real Truman show is completed during its termination.
    – deaths: from ambassador Chris Stevens in Libya to Philipp Seymour-Hoffman and Peaches Geldof alias Lady Gaga alias Amy Winehouse.
    – funerals of former heads of state: from Nelson Mandela in South Africa to Ariel Sharon in Israel, staged almost in parallel.
    Side note: Mandela is still alive because the role is played by Morgan Freeman who also plays Kofi Annan. Impostor impersonating Sharon (murdered 1975) died in 2006.
    – births: starting with impersonators of murdered Prince William and Kate Middleton becoming parents of Prince George (side note: “uncle” Harry also impersonated).
    – elections: from Germany (or any other EU or US state) to Iran 2013.
    – leaks: from transsexual soldier Bradley Manning and NSA computer expert Snowden to the Pope’s butler.
    – trials: from Blade Gunner Oscar Pistorius in South Africa to Berlusconi in Italy.
    – jailings, arrests, sieges: from Puzy Riot jailed in Russia to butler jailed by his pope at the Vatican; from Assange under siege at the Ecuador embassy in London to Sarkozy arrested in France.


  • Lotus123

    This world is coming to an end….Gays and lesbians should never have been allowed to get married. It is a sin and it says so in the bible. Well at least I will go to heaven, all of them won’t. Then transgender is ok? Hell no it is not…..GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Emma Jean De Arruda

      I’m glad that u were born perfect u shld b thankful being “transgender” just means u were born with a birth defect! (Though I don’t see it that way) So if ur baby was born with a cleft lip u wldnt get it fixed? Or with an extra toe u wldnt have it removed? Or if there was a surgery that cld make the blind see u wldnt get it? Be thankful u were born the way u shld not everybody is that lucky! They have to deal with people who are mean and don’t understand! God also says obey the law of the land & if the land says it’s ok for people to love who they love & ur that strong of a Christian than u shld b ok with it to! But really I shld just b ok with it not just because the law says so but because god also says love all my children and to not judge!

  • Blu

    I only have 1 Question, what would happen if this type of surgery didn’t exist? I understand it’s not something they choose, but this wouldn’t even be an option if this procedure didn’t exist. Not to judge, but some people criticize celebrities a lot for going under the knife to alter something about their appearance but yet would support this. Someone may change something about themselves because they believe they should’ve been born with certain features in order to look more appealing like you know lil Kim & such… IJS.. People tend to criticize others while support the others, often time at the core, it seems to deal with similar ideas…

    • Nicholas Quade

      transgendered people have exsisted for thousands of years

      before the surgery they were labeled as crossdressers. but this is the world we live in now, the surgery does exsist. So why even worry about what if. it’s like asking what if we didn’t win the revolution. there is no crystal ball for that answer, so why ask the question

      we all have things to deal with, it’s called living. why do people feel it’s ok to spread their hate and ignorance. every person is a person first, not gay, lesbian, bisexual, or trans. their sexual oriantation and gender oriantation should not be a point of discussion in this day and age.

      gay bashing is not ok. or trans bashing. they want to live as the rest of us do. the entertainment industry has it right, it doesn’t matter about the oriantaion, what matters is the talent

  • JD

    every body is beautiful we choice how we want to leave

  • Ellie

    tha fuck is wrong with society these days…Judgement Day is coming.