Although gay marriage is now legal in four states, some celebs are on the hot seat for their homophobic rants and opinions.

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  • Name

    Why is it that whenever someone speaks out against gay marriage, they’re considered a “homophobe”?

    • Laura

      Because we don’t agree with them. They preach “tolerance” but they don’t practice it. If we don’t think or believe in the same things as they do, we’re considered homophobes, racists, bigots, judgmental etc. They’re hypocrites.

      • P G

        When polyamory (marriage of 3 or more persons) becomes legal what will people who oppose it be called? Polyphobes? And to oppose adultery is to be an adulterophobe? Gambling and abortion are legal but many oppose. So – gamblophobia and aborphobia? It is a calculated shamimg, intimidation strategy that should be seen for the infantile absurdity that it is.

  • John Felix Koziol

    I just said the same thing a few minutes ago I the comments section of a homosexuality-themed article on the Huffington Post website.