Beyoncé’s fans have been feverishly chomping at the bit for the release of her album, 4. Two weeks before its scheduled release on June 28, fans got exactly what they’ve been waiting so long for when 4 leaked online. And now that the world can hear her album, Beyoncé is addressing the leak and explaining why she’s choosing to see the silver lining in the situation.

On June 8, the “Run The World (Girls)” singer took to her Facebook page to release a statement about the leak, explaining that she’s disappointed that her album leaked but happy that fans seem to be enjoying her new music.

“My music was leaked and while this is not how I wanted to present my new songs, I appreciate the positive response from my fans,” wrote Beyoncé. “When I record music I always think about my fans singing every note and dancing to every beat. I make music to make people happy and I appreciate that everyone has been so anxious to hear my new songs.”

And although Beyoncé’s fans can now hear the regular album for free, additional tracks for the album still have yet to be released. According to Billboard, an exclusive package of 4, which has yet to be finalized, will be released exclusively through Target.

For Beyoncé’s sake, hopefully the exclusive package won’t also leak before the June 28 release date. –nicholas robinson