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  • zobop republic

    Once and for all someone needs to slap this b*tch in the face!  Is Black America going to let anyone get away with this?  I know violence is wrong but sometimes it’s necessary!

    • Stanfordbyrd33

      I agree

  • Stanfordbyrd33

    She is a racists.

  • Michelle Black

    If you go to her blog, you can report it to google for hate speech. Which I believe this is.

  • Arnold Jenson

    Truth be all told, dis whitie need ta get tha story rite. Ol’ Bama be half white. That be da bad side, dat dis brotha gots to deals wit. Dis woman jus’ not rite. She all smokin from da bong. She be a hatin, and hatin her own’s well. Ol’ Arnie ainno way knowin all what doesgo, but he be all black. And proud ’bout his mama and papa. And ol’ Donnie! Bill Cosby be a tellin dat we alls be one colla in sides and stuff. Not knowing dat, but Bill be smart and knowing.

    • [email protected]

      Arnie gimme back ma right shoe. Ya stole it as I wuz sleepin’ You neva mind ’bout d’is KKK ghost lady, I be yo trouble in da corn field. Just like da time massa caught uz nappin’ next ta da cotton. Wait a’minute. Wuz da’t you o’ CHris Rock> I miss CHris. Damn UPS, why d’ey run ‘im ova?