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sheryl sellaway- crystal clear communication

photo by steed media service

Executive Director of Public Relations, Verizon Wireless

not always an easy task to be a spokesperson and representative for a
major corporation – both in the corporate world and the community – but
when you’re Sheryl Sellaway, it’s a piece of cake. As the executive
director of public relations for Verizon Wireless, Sellaway uses her 18
years of telecommunications experience to ensure that Verizon Wireless
maintains its dominance in the marketplace as well as in the eyes of
its consumers.

“I believe we’ve earned our reputation of having the best network, by
actually having the best network and a relentless focus that others
have tried to covet. In our case, our network backs up our advertising
and is reflective of our investments, testing and undeniable focus. In
the wireless business, without a reliable network, you really don’t
have a viable product. We are only as good as our network and at the
end of the day, people care most about being able to place calls
successfully,” explains Sellaway.

A committed partner in driving Verizon Wireless’ excellence for seven
years now, the Georgia native believes that being aware of consumers’
needs and wants has been vital in delivering the best results.

“At Verizon Wireless, we believe community involvement is an integral
part of our strategy to be successful. To work hand in hand with
communities where we work, live and do business is critical,” adds
Sellaway – jason thompson