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Director of Minority Dealer Relations and Multicultural Affairs, Ford Credit

Ford Credit is committed to serving its multicultural consumer base in
the most efficient and effective ways possible. Carlos Treadway,
director of minority dealer relations and multicultural affairs for
Ford Credit, is an indispensable part of that process. Treadway knows
that Ford is one company that knows how to reach the populace.

“I think [part of] Ford’s unique approach to diversity is partnering
with an [advertising] group to do the proper research and provide the
proper data and targeting [for] that [particular] market,” says

A big part of Treadway’s job is communicating new ideas to the company.
“It’s a big corporation and when you’re a corporation that’s
restructuring and trying to bring profitability to the bottom line,
you’ve got to figure out what fits in the pot,” he explains. “You’ve
got to be able to sell the benefits and the value of the program and
what it’s going to do for the company.” Challenges notwithstanding,
Ford Credit understands that progressive thinking and staying ahead of
the curve are integral parts of its continued success.

For Treadway, it all adds up to benefiting the customer. The Louisiana
native also has words of wisdom for youngsters looking to make the
climb in corporate America. “[You] have to pay attention to the
academics, make sure you’re doing what you need to do when it comes to
the maths and the sciences,” he advises. “Most importantly, you must
have the social skills for corporate America. Being able to
communicate, network and build relationships.” – todd williams

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