kathy harris – staying true

altReality television can be as unforgiving as spandex on Ruben Studdard. For Kathy Harris, a member of the cast of BET’s “College Hill: Interns,” the experience was unforgettable — and bittersweet. She learned that the glare of the cameras can sometimes have unforeseen consequences.
“It’s not just you that’s affected [by the cameras], everyone calls your friends and your family,” recalls Harris, adding that there were also some positives. “[The show has] opened doors and opportunities for me. It’s really showed me who’s artificial and who’s true and real.”
Harris wants to remind fans that just because one is on TV, that doesn’t mean that one has “made it” — there’s still a lot of hard work involved.
“The biggest misconception is that you’re going to get this overnight fame and all of a sudden you’re on top of the world,” she reveals. “It takes many celebrities years of work to [attain] those positions. Nothing is overnight; you have to stay driven and focused and know what you want.”
Harris is moving forward and pursuing a modeling career while resuming her work in theater.“I’ve been doing plays for years, so I’m [back] hustling,” says Harris, who hopes to be a role model to young fans while serving her community.
“Before I even thought about “College Hill,” I wanted to give back to the community and reach out to people. [I wanted to] nurture my own community and see young people grow and be true to who they are,” she continues. “I want to help people get educat[ed] [and develop] self-awareness.”–todd williams

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