Superbowl beer picks

We’re approaching kickoff time for Super Bowl XLII, which means it’s time for your first major party since the New Year. Ro can help you make your Super Bowl party as much fun — if not more — than the game. So just put on your favorite team’s colors and get ready for some football! Fan or not, everyone wants to get the party on with pre-, during and post-game libations. Kickoff the celebration by rallying your guests with a selection of specialty beers. From domestics to imports, just serve them up cold and frosty and it’s game on. –roz edward


altAt halftime, as a tribute to its highly anticipated beer ads enjoy, bring it starting with the King of Beers from Anheuser-Busch, which continues its specialty beer blitz for a smooth and complex taste.


altLegend has it that Coors gets its flavor from the pure water of the Rocky Mountains. And to keep it cold, the bottlers have created a temperature activated cold in-hand bottle.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       rolling rock

Brewed using a time-honored recipe, Rolling Rock is a classic premium beer that reflects your distinguished taste  as well as your uncommonly good sense.

Augustiner Lager 

Augustiner Lager is a crisp ale that finishes smooth and slightly dry. This is one for those with sophisticated palates and discriminating tastes.


Heineken is the World’s Most famous beer brand and is sold in more than 70 countries.

If you’re hosting the beer bash, you can’t go wrong with this crowd-pleaser, which is also a great chaser.



Beck’s — the beer that started it all, this classic German Pilsner has a distinctive full-bodied taste with a fresh “hoppy” bouquet, golden color and a rich, full head

                 bass ale

altImported from England, Bass has a malty, lightly hoppy taste that, combined with its slight burnt roast aroma, creates a full bodied flavor of the highest quality.

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