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Martha’s Vineyard: Playground of the Rich and Famous

Martha’s Vineyard Ferry

Martha’s Vineyard: Playground of the Rich and Famous

you want to go where the beautiful people chill in the summer, there is
an alternative to South Beach — Martha’s Vineyard. It’s a one-of-a-kind
celebrity playground off the coast of Cape Cod (yes, the Kennedys’ Cape
Cod) in Massachusetts. The island’s breathtaking scenery, sophisticated
shops, chic restaurants and lively night life are sure to draw you back
to this summer hot-spot year after year.

When to visit: The place is amazing
year-round, but late spring and summer are your best bets. By August
the Vineyard is packed with celebrities and politicians there for an
end of the summer bash.

Who’s there:
Who isn’t? For starters President Obama and his first lady, like so
many White House residents before him — including Bill and Hillary and
John and Jackie — will vacation at Oak Bluffs on the Vineyard later
this month. It’s been a haven for prominent African Americans for
centuries — Dr. King often wrote here.

In addition to the stars, director Spike Lee, Clinton confidant
Vernon Jordan and scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. are a few of the
prominent blacks who call Martha’s Vineyard home for at least part of
the year. (I spent a great couple of days there with Wesley Snipes
pre-tax trouble; and Jim Belushi, whose brother, John, is buried on the

How to get there: There are only two ways — plane
or ferry boat. Both modes of travel add to the Vineyard vacation
experience.  Planes are six-seat prop planes (including the pilot)
departing from Boston and often have maximum weight limits for
passengers. You can take your car with you on the ferry, but be
prepared for a lengthy ride; it’s a slow boat.

Where to stay: One of the island’s charming
B&Bs. The proprietors are extremely friendly and accommodating,
often encouraging guests to indulge themselves by throwing impromptu
barbecues and lobster bakes, and to make the most of the seascape —
both day and night.

The Mansion B&B offers elegantly appointed rooms with awe-inspiring ocean views.

for something equally glamorous check into the Harbor View Hotel and
try to tear yourself away from the unbelievable panoramic vistas.

An amazing variety of restaurants serve up everything from fancy French
cuisine to spicy Thai and Brazilian fare. One of the island’s more
urbane venues, Atria feels like a big-city bistro and cocktail lounge,
with a swank dining room and a glam crowd.