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New Artist Tré Thomas Doing Gospel Music His Way

In the gospel music industry, there are those who fit the mold and those who break it. Undoubtedly, up-and-coming artist Tré Thomas, with his pure sound and lyrics of love, is one who leaves the mold shattered on the floor. His debut project, A Natural Contrast, proves it.

Born in New Orleans and currently residing in the D.C. area, Thomas has the kind of style that embodies natural contrasts. His music inspires you to express yourself to God and dine by candlelight with that special someone. His music encourages you to share your faith with others and roll down your car windows on a warm day and groove. One of his most popular songs, “My First Love,” which was written about his love for God, already has become a popular wedding song.

“While I am a Christian artist, my approach is very different. [It’s] to be naturally me — no fluff, no anything like that,” Thomas explained. “I’m not like any artist out there. I think we have enough artists for us all to be ourselves. There’s room for everyone.”

Though he grew up a “church kid,” he loved R&B and has been influenced by such artists as Donny Hathaway, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Carl Thomas, Brandy and Tweet. Gospel greats Donald Lawrence and his close mentor, Richard Smallwood, are among those who have helped him carve the spiritual angle of his music.

“I took elements from the different people I studied and made my own style,” he explained, preferring to keep his singing simple so that listeners can be blessed by his lyrics.

Thomas, the host of a popular music and talk radio show called “Love Ludes” on, said it doesn’t bother him when people view his talent as too “worldly,” or secular.

“If it’s a song that has a message, and it can go into a secular arena until someone can hear the [spiritual] message and understand it, I’m perfectly OK with that,” said Thomas, who has had the same carefully selected band members and backup singers from the start.

Although his may not be a household name yet, Thomas has quite a hefty portfolio. In addition to his CD and radio show, he has toured a number of cafés, churches and even appeared on the 30th anniversary celebration show for the legendary gospel singer and show host, Dr. Bobby Jones.

Interested in someday collaborating with Donald Lawrence and Eric Benét and even producers Babyface and R. Kelly, Thomas said he would not be opposed to signing with a secular label.

“My music is very important to me. I wouldn’t sacrifice the principles of what I do because of a deal,” he said, “but if they would allow me to stay who Tré Thomas is, then I would be open to that.” –arnell pharr

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