Drag Queen Caught With DJ Mister Cee Speaks Out

Drag Queen Caught With DJ Mister Cee Speaks Out

Weeks after DJ Mister Cee was arrested for committing lewd sexual acts involving 22-year-old Lawrence “Brooke-Lynn Pinklady” Campbell, the alleged prostitute posted a video to share his side of the story and set the record straight about the incident.

In the video, Campbell claims that nothing sexual occurred between him and the hip-hop DJ during the infamous incident.

“I just wanted to set the record straight and let everybody know that nothing, indeed, happened in that car,” said Campbell. “I feel like it’s like an Internet blog that got totally out of hand and a lot the things I’ve read are just totally not true about me and my character.”

I feel like the media on a whole has made me out to be this person just to get at him for some reason or to get a story and it’s definitely not true,” adds Campbell. “I’m definitely not a prostitute … I don’t have sex for money. I make enough money on my own.”Drag Queen Caught With DJ Mister Cee Speaks Out

Campbell also clarifies that he is not transgender, as was widely reported. He claims that he is in actuality a drag queen.

Although Campbell admits that he was initially upset by the news reports and rumors, he says that he’s now attempting to move on with his life.

“I’m kind of trying to rebuild my life and get over the situation because, you know, life goes on,” said Campbell. “I’m just trying to do bigger and better things and not let this bring me down.”

Do you believe Campbell’s claim that nothing occurred between him and DJ Mister Cee?

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