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Terrence Howard, ‘LOLA’ Return After Shake-Up

The NBC network has re-introduced “Law & Order: Los Angeles.” The show is the most recent in Dick Wolf’s Law & Order franchise.  Removed from the network’s Fall 2010 lineup, the Los Angeles franchise was all but considered dead.

The sudden cancellation of the original Law & Order sparked the ire of viewers and critics alike. The announcement came shortly thereafter that  “LOLA” would return in 2011 after a re-tooling. It currently airs on Monday nights.

In its current incarnation, Terrence Howard has an expanded role as the only deputy district attorney to be featured weekly. He once shared those duties with Alfred Molina’s character, who now has returned to the squad room as a detective. Gone is Skeet Ulridge, whose character’s death sparked the personnel shake-up. –a. robinson