Jennifer Hudson Reflects on the Past: ‘I Never Thought I Was Overweight’

Jennifer Hudson Reflects on the Past: ‘I Never Thought I Was Overweight’

Lately, news and gossip outlets alike have been clamoring about the svelte physique of actress-singer Jennifer Hudson. But according to the award-winning artist, she didn’t think she was overweight. She recently shared her thoughts on that and a host of other topics during an interview with Grazia magazine. Here are some of the highlights.

On Hollywood Discriminating Against Her in the Past …

“Last week I saw some footage of myself as I was five years ago and I was surprised. It was like I recognized myself but I didn’t. It seemed another world away. But in this slim world I do now realize I was being discriminated against. I’m offered more parts. There is much more excitement about me now.”

On Thinking Her Fuller Figure Was Normal …

“I never thought I was overweight. I thought my old look was pretty normal. That was how all the girls looked growing up in Chicago. I didn’t have any problem with it. It makes me smile to think back to myself when I did Dreamgirls with Beyoncé. I did see all these women in Hollywood, all very slim, and I thought, ‘Wow, these ladies are very into themselves.’ I loved that I stood out in a room. You knew when you saw this woman it was Jennifer Hudson.”

On the Benefits of Fitting Into Hollywood …

“There have been times when it’s a huge high, like when I walked the red carpet at the Oscars and people were screaming at me. Then I also had dinner with Beyoncé and Alicia Keys and they just kept going on and on about how great I looked.”

Thin or not, Hudson continues to be an example of how anything is possible with faith and perseverance.

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