Nicki Minaj May Launch New Fragrance

Nicki Minaj May Launch New Fragrance

We have all seen reality stars, singers, actresses, fashion icons, designers and others launch fragrances. It’s not just for Oscar winners anymore. Back in the day, it was an exception not the norm to find a beautiful fragrance named after your favorite celebrity icon. Now, it seems that anyone can jump on the bandwagon.

Nicki Minaj is now thinking about launching a new fragrance in the near future, according to Allure magazine in which she says, “Hopefully, I’ll do one this year. I like scents that feel summery, but have a va-va- voom factor. I want to smell like a sexy and confident women, not like candy.”

I recently spoke with a salesperson in the perfume section at a department store. She told me that, when today’s celebrities launch fragrances, they are mainly gimmicky and made to sell right around the Christmas holidays most of the time. After the holiday rush, however, they become hard to sell and usually just sit on the shelf like Purr by Katy Perry.

Let’s hope that Nicki’s fragrance does well. Her “Pink Friday” lipstick for M.A.C. Cosmetics did very well and sold out week after week. A rep from M.A.C. said it was a great business move to launch that shade of lipstick. –tammie reed

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