Nas Calls Out FOX News for Attacking Common and Michelle Obama

Nas Calls Out FOX News for Attacking Common and Michelle Obama

In the world of hip-hop, loyalty is everything, so it comes to no surprise that after veteran Chicago emcee Common was attacked by FOX News, who called him a “vile rapper,” after he was invited by Michelle Obama to the White House last week for a poetry session, fellow emcee Nas came to his defense, slamming the news channel for their senseless attack.

In a recent interview with Sway Calloway on MTV’s “RapFix Live,” Nas called the people of FOX News “grandparents” who are out of touch with the progressive times.

“Their time has passed and they’re trying to hold on to a time that is actually embarrassing. The people who feel like Common shouldn’t be performing are really old in their thinking,” Nas said. “It’s like your grandparents have a microphone, and not even smart grandparents — just ignorant grandparents.

“Ignorant grandparents who are stuck in their old ways, they just need to die … It scares the hell out of them. They feel like an endangered species in their way of thinking. People that are not open to change are just miserable,” he added.

Nas himself is no stranger to the wrath of FOX News. In 2007, the media oulet criticized Nas after he was invited to appear at Virginia Tech to uplift students following the tragic Virginia Tech massacre.

Others outside of the hip-hop community have also come to Common’s defense, including Jon Stewart, the host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show,” who visited “The Bill O’Reilly Show” on May 16 to debate the controversial host about his attack on Common.

Watch video of Nas’ comments on FOX News below.

Nas Calls Out FOX News

What do you think of Nas and Jon Stewart coming to Common’s defense? –nicholas robinson

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