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Pittsburgh Steelers’ Jonathan Dwyer Overcomes Childhood Disorder to Become Super Bowl Contender

Pittsburgh Steelers' Jonathan Dwyer

Jonathan Dwyer of the Pittsburgh Steelers was fortunate to be on a team that made it to the Super Bowl during his first NFL season. But Dwyer’s life in the NFL may not have been possible without overcoming a childhood disorder. Dwyer reveals how he got through Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and what it was like to live his Super Bowl dream. –amir shaw

How difficult were things for you after being diagnosed with ADD as a child?

You really don’t know what’s going on. It took me a while to do my homework. If you’re a child going through this, you have to count on people who can help you succeed in life. I wouldn’t be here without my parents’ support. They were there when I needed help, and it helped me academically. After 6th grade, things started to turn around for me. I felt relieved that I was finally able to feel normal. It allowed me to believe that I could be anything that I wanted to be.

What was your first Super Bowl experience like?

The Super Bowl was surreal. It hit me during media day. It was amazing to walk around that field and see so many people. And back at the hotel, there were so many fans who showed support. The Super Bowl is a dream come true that every kid would want to be a part of it.

What have you been doing to remain busy during the NFL lockout?

I’ve been involved with the community and have supported different causes. I’m  enjoying this opportunity. My parents taught me to not forget where I come from. I want to give back to my high school for the things it has done academically and athletically. I’m hosting a football and cheerleading camp at Kell High School [in Marietta, GA] that will start on June 16.