Flo Rida Busted in Miami Beach, Failed to ‘Walk the Line’

Flo Rida was pulled over by police in Miami Beach after they noticed him driving reckless in his $1.7 million Bugatti. Reportedly around 3:30 a.m. on June 9 when police tried to conduct a field sobriety test, the intoxicated rapper told them, “I can’t do this. I don’t think I can walk a straight line. I had a few drinks. Let’s do another test. I live on the other side of the bridge. I can make it home.” I’m sure after that confession police looked at him cross eyed. It was evident that the poor guy was delirious.

Officers told TMZ that the 31-year-old’s blood alcohol level was a staggering .185, more than twice the legal limit! Wait there’s more… police also discovered that the rapper’s license was suspended on May 3 for failing to pay a traffic fine after he was notified to do so by April 13. Oh no, a major epic fail for you sir! Everyone knows that a DUI added with a suspended license can only equal hand cuffs and a cold cement floor. The brother was destined for jail and undoubtedly to jail he went. Once Flo Rida was arrested, he was taken to the Miami Beach Police Department for processing and later booked into the Miami-Dade Correctional Department. Next time don’t get so “Low” Flo Rida. Maybe if you were T.I. they would have given you a second chance and followed you home to safety . Yea right, so much for that!

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