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Lil Wayne Parties With Dirk, Cuban and the Mavs in Miami

So the Dallas Mavericks brought the NBA Finals to a quick halt and defeated LeBron James and the Miami Heat in their own city. No sad faces for Dallas, though. What better way to celebrate than take the team, some of your celeb friends and the trophy itself to one of the hottest clubs on South Beach? Last night after he lead his team to the championship Mark Cuban immediately led the champions to invade LIV nightclub for  an NBA Championship party with Dirk Nowtizki, Jason Terry, Trey Songz, Lil Wayne and more of his celebrity friends. Great way to rub it in the Miami Heat’s face!

Although the Mavs were the big winners it seemed that the trophy was the real star of the evening, players are reportedly even having snuggle sessions in their beds with the trophy. I must say it is a pretty, shiny site to see, but sleeping with the trophy just might be taking it a little bit too far. Even Lil Wayne and many other celebrities couldn’t help but get their hands on the gleaming, golden mini statue as it was passed around in the club the entire night. And is it just me or does Lil Wayne somehow always seem to make his into the “winners circle” no matter what team or sport it is? On a side note, why in the world is Lil Twist, from Lil Wayne’s Young Money crew there at the club? I’m sure that his presence explains the mockery-like “tongue gesture” in the photos. Anyway, congrats to the Mavs— it looks like winning the championship on their opponents’ court has made their victory even sweeter.