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Entertainment » Brandy Returns to TV: ‘Moesha’ Role Revisited?

Brandy Returns to TV: ‘Moesha’ Role Revisited?

Many of us may have forgotten that R&B Diva, Brandy is not only a Grammy award winning songstress, but a seasoned actress as well. Brandy brings her craft back to the small screen as she sets to appear in a recurring role on the Lifetime TV drama ‘Drop Dead Diva.’ Yes she has starred in her own, successful reality shows on cable networks MTV and VH1, but the singer hasn’t had a major TV acting role since she played the lead  in ‘Moesha’ and starred in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella  alongside Whitney Houston back in the 90’s.Unfortunately for all you Moesha fan’s there is no talk of bringing the popular, up-tempo sitcom back, yet. However, no worries because Brandy’s enthusiasm for the show reveal that she’s refreshed and confident, and that although it’s a different character than what she usually play’s, her new role will surely please the fans.

She recently spoke to TV Guideand exclaimed, “’Drop Dead Diva’  is on my favorites list. And I am so thrilled that I get to be on it for at least three episodes. And such a juicy role!” To be exact, the juicy role she speaks of involves playing a nurse named, Elisa who has a romantic history with cast member J. Parker. “I’m excited to play a woman with a secret that could have a huge impact on other characters, ” she says. Hmm, that actually does sound kind of  “juicy,” and  if  Ms. B-Rocka is excited, then so am I. In the meantime, be sure to catch Brandy in the new season of ‘Drop Dead Diva’ later this summer.

Do you feel Brandy’s recurring role is worth the watch?