Danyell and Raynell Hutchison Give Double Beauty With DoubleDutch Cosmetics

Danyell and Raynell Hutchison Give Double Beauty With DoubleDutch Cosmetics

Company: DoubleDutch Cosmetics

Owners: CEOs Raynell and Danyell Hutchison of Houston

Tell me a little bit about your company.

Danyell: We arrived at the name DoubleDutch because we are identical twins. The concept of DoubleDutch reminds you of your childhood. We wanted to create something that we like doing, and most women like makeup. Our first collection was the lip gloss, and we’ve moved into nail polish, eye shadow and just a full cosmetic line. Our cosmetic line is for all women.

What qualifications, education or skills have prepared you for this job?

Danyell: I have a business degree. Raynell has a degree in marketing.

How long have you been in business?

Danyell: We started the business in 2010 when we decided which specific business to pursue.

When was the “Aha!” moment when you knew this is what you are supposed to do?

Danyell: I got the inspiration to do a cosmetic line when I identified that type of business as one that mostly all women use.

What is it like working with a family member?

Danyell: It is great working my sister because we are best friends as well, and we get along pretty well. So, it’s been good working together in business and personally.

What are three attributes for being a successful woman?

Danyell: Never give up and believe in yourself. You must have the proper support system to be successful.

What motivates you?

Danyell: Working with kids. We both volunteer working with kids in the community and at schools and enjoy mentoring. We tell them that they can pursue their dreams no matter their background, where they come from or how much money they have and to just believe in themselves and, in time, they will succeed.

Describe your best day.

Danyell: The best day was when we went to Essence in 2010 and met Melanie Fiona. She was very down-to-earth, and she held up our lip gloss and told people to go out and get it. Having another black woman being respectful of what we are doing was awesome.

What advice do you offer other women who wish to follow your career path?

Danyell: If you are going to do a business with a partner, make sure it is someone you can rely on and that you get along with so the business won’t compromise your friendship. If you are doing it by yourself, you have to keep motivating yourself as opposed to you and your partner motivating each other.

What books are you reading?

The Help by Kathryn Stockett and It’s Your Time by Joel Osteen

For more information, visit doubledutchcosmetics.com.

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