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Movie Review: ‘Green Lantern’ Addresses the Power of Emotions and the Human Spirit

Movie Review: 'Green Lantern' Addresses the Power of Emotions and the Human Spirit

Green Lantern‘s story line of an emotionally distressed playboy, hot-rod pilot who becomes superhero is just the beginning of the story. The battle between a man’s will and his fear, however, makes it an intriguing focus of discussion.

Throughout the movie, we learn the lesson that will, or determination, can make one powerful, but fear can weaken a person both mentally and physically, tearing at his or her very soul. In the end, fear only destroys.

Alternatively, the acknowledgment of fear and being courageous enough to overcome that fear makes humans the most powerful creatures in the universe.

A final message can be drawn from the character Thaal Sinestro. He is the mouthpiece of the immortals, the prized protégé of the Green Lantern who defeated the scourge of the universe. He is proud, cocky, privileged and fearless — all elements that make him believe he can do what the immortals could not,  a not-so-subtle allusion to the fall of the angel whom Christians call “Satan,” right down to the red face.

Directed by Martin Campbell and including such A-list stars like Ryan Reynolds, Angela Bassett, Tim Robbins and Michael Clarke Duncan,  the special effects are incredible, and this movie is sure to leave you wanting more. Grade for this film:  B+.  –alonzo robertson

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