Catching Up With Shirley Murdock

Christian vocalist Shirley Murdock recently spoke with rolling out about her excitement concerning her new live CD/DVD and her solid Christian faith. Murdock’s new work, The Journey, will be released this fall. Nominated for a Stellar award for her gospel release, Home, Murdock grew up in Toledo, Ohio, and was a successful solo artist and background singer for Roger Troutman and Zapp. –a. robinson

Live CD/DVD being released in the fall. How was it working with Regina Bell, Kelly Price and Beverly Crawford.

Regina, Kelly, Beverly and I have been girlfriends for years. So, that experience was just phenomenal. We’ve been talking about doing a record together for a long, long time. To finally be able to do it was a dream come true.

I was reminded of a biblical story where God let it be known that he knew us long before our conception. And, so began our journey. But, the journey is more than simply enduring events of our lifetime. So, the title of the CD is The Journey. If we put God first, we’ll be in alignment with Him. There will be no trial or tribulation what we won’t joyfully endure. If we do the journey right, we’ll touch people along the way, point them to God. It has always been our hope that our ministry will reach the most people. Our ministry’s journey is to encourage people to be closer to God, to hold on and have faith. He will deliver you from it all.

You worked with Teena Marie in 2009. What lasting memories do you have of her?

I met Teena years ago when I was touring with Roger Troutman and Zapp. Teena asked if we would have pre-show prayer with her and her band. It was our honor to do this. Teena opened the prayer with a spiritual that was nothing short of amazing. A few years ago, she contacted me and said she had a song called “Soldier.” She said she kept hearing my voice and asked me to perform it. She sent it to me and my husband, my musical director, and I cut it in our home studio.  I was honored to be on that CD. My lasting memory of Teena is of a woman who loved the Lord. She loved the Lord.

Do you have any aspirations to venture outside performing? Would you like to direct or write plays or screenplays?

I’d love to someday, but not before I set my pen to a couple of books.

Favorite city outside of the United States?

I’d have to say Tokyo, Japan. I’ve been there many times, both as a mainstream and gospel artist, and I continue to be amazed at the power of music and how it transcends language. I was there this past April, after the earthquake and tsunami. We were concerned about going because the news reports were saying it wasn’t safe to go because of high radiation levels. Our prayer was “Lord, if it is your will for us to go, open the door that no man can close and, if it is not your will, close the door that no man can open.” Well, the day of our departure, our flight out of Dayton, Ohio, was canceled, re-instated and then further delayed, putting us in jeopardy of missing our Chicago connection. Once we landed, all 11 of us ran to the gate and, believe it or not, the plane was still there! As we began to thank the flight crew for waiting for us, we were informed they were not waiting for us. They could not get the aircraft door to close! No doubt, we were on a mission! We arrived safely and did six shows in three days, and the Japanese people confirmed it when they informed of us how much they appreciated us coming and that we were the first group to not cancel after the tsunami and how much they needed the uplift of music.

How does Shirley Murdock relax when not on the road?

When I’m not on the road, I relax by just spending time with my wonderful family, cooking their favorite meals, watching our favorite TV shows and catching up with my brothers and sisters and, finally, sleeping in!

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