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Bow Wow’s Mother, Teresa Caldwell, Sets the Record Straight: ‘My Son Is Not a Deadbeat Dad!’

When the New York Post recently made reports about an “unknown rapper” being broke and a dead beat dad (in so many words), Teresa Caldwell, mother of Bow Wow rushed to her Twitter page in her sons defense and assured everybody that whoever they were talking about, it certainly wasn’t her son.

The report asked the following:

“Which hip-hop artist drove up to his agent’s office in a $200,000 car, wearing a $50,000 wristwatch, to beg for money because he’s “dead broke” and needed $5,000 for child support?”

Now Bow Wow’s name was technically never mentioned, but out of concern for her son’s new fatherhood recently being in the media and with the implication that “she ‘aint want no problems,” Teresa quickly replied via Twitter:

“That article in the NY Post had nothing to do with Bow. Y’all know that I will never sit back & let Bow not take care of his daughter. I will never sit back & allow my son not to take care of his responsibility & if he couldn’t I would work my butt to make sure she was str8.”

Based on her response it seems that someone probably whispered in her ear like “ooh child the NY Post talking ish about Bow Wow, girl.” At least that’s the way I imagine it in my head. Anyway, that’s right mama bear, stand up for your cub…let them know the real deal. Get ’em! lol

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  1. I Gorden on January 23, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    That right,stand behind your child ,because all that bullshit need to stop with all the lies and drama.