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Stephen Wiltshire: Autistic Black Man Now an Artistic Genius

The first word Stephen Wiltshire ever spoke was “paper.” He was six years old and his art supplies had been taken away from him in an effort to get him to communicate.  His second word was “crayon,” a tool he used to express himself through drawing. Today, the 37-year-old artist is world famous for his prolific talent and his ability to draw city scapes from memory.

One of Wiltshire’s most recent challenges involved a helicopter ride over New York City during which he memorized the entire city (he does not need to work from a photograph)  and reproduced it to the minutest details—including accurate counts of windows on each office building. The resulting 250 foot long panoramic drawing is now displayed on a giant billboard at JFK airport.

Wiltshire’s Gallery located in London, and his website where his artwork sells for thousands of dollars, are amazing testaments to his genius.

The words of inspiration Wiltshire loves to share with his fans — “Do the best you can and never stop.”