NBA legend Dominique Wilkins shares new life mission

Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, professional wrestler Brandi Rhodes, Atlanta Hawks guard Kevin Huerter, and Hawks cheerleaders were all on hand to cut the ribbon for a new sensory room at Coan Park in East Atlanta on Dec. 16, 2021. Sensory issues occur when a child has difficulty receiving and responding to information from their […]

Morgan Harper Nichols dares you to look at ‘How Far You Have Come’ in new book

Morgan Harper Nichols is an acclaimed poet, visual artist, musician and bestselling author. Nichols recently released her new book, How Far You Have Come: Musings on Beauty and Courage. Harper said she’s on a journey of helping people to see the richness in their own stories. “There are things that you have lived through and have experienced, and […]

Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman raising money for autistic kids

Boyz II Men crooner Shawn Stockman has been open about his son’s autism over the years and established Micah’s Voice to help parents afford raising a special needs child. The 48-year-old Grammy award winner shares three kids with his wife Sharhonda, twin sons Micah and Ty, 18, and younger daughter Brooklyn. Stockman and his wife […]

PR professional offers clients publicity with a personal touch

Sandy Collier is the founder and CEO of Hey, Sandy! PR and Communications, a boutique public relations firm based in Wellington, Florida. Collier began working at the local Fox TV station in Miami, as an intern and eventually an assignment editor. Her career trajectory led her to assignments at a radio station and two more […]

Leadership aspirations? CEO Nicole R. Coleman gives tips to push past doubts

Nicole R. Coleman is a professional speaker, corporate marketing expert and curator of experiences. She’s the founder and CEO of the SuperBOLD, a movement inspired by her love of connecting with people and encouraging them to live their best lives now. Coleman’s desire is to empower others, address social concerns and celebrate the greatness within […]

Cori Davis talks fashion and how her daughter’s autism inspired an emoji

Cori Davis has taken her love of fashion and her daughter and created something beautiful. We spoke to Davis about clothing, the choices she makes and how the love for her daughter motivates her. Talk about your passion for women’s fashion. When did you know this would be something you would do? When I think […]

Autistic boy bound and burned alive by his mom

According to FOX6 News, the Milwaukee Fire Department was dispatched to investigate reports of smoke coming from an apartment on Sept. 28, 2017. The firefighters forced entry into the apartment of Amelia Di Stasio, 23, and found smoke coming from the kitchen stove and what they initially thought was a pile of clothes in the bathtub. […]

How Gabriel’s Horn Foundation raises awareness for autism

Autism impacts thousands of families and children each year and many families deal with this issue without any prior knowledge of autism. Debra Islam is the mother of an autistic son, Gabriel, and has dedicated her life to educating families and communities on autism. Debra and her husband, Ahmed created Gabriel’s Horn Foundation as a way […]

Family asks for mercy for woman who raped 4-year-old on Periscope

A Cincinnati, Ohio woman is in jail after police stated she raped a 4-year-old boy and posted the video using the social media app Periscope. Police say India Kirksey, 20, recorded herself performing oral sex on the child in January and the video was seen by someone in Texas. That person contacted police and an […]

Teacher leaves autistic boy sobbing after school play mishap

[jwplatform PXEWS7qB] When parents have a child with autism they face a difficult challenge of caring for a child who may be developmentally delayed and prone to a wide range of emotions. Parents must also shield their children from the cruelty of the world. Two parents in West Virginia were faced with this problem recently […]

Stepdad charged in bathtub drowning of autistic son

Being a parent of a special needs and medically fragile child is a daunting task, especially if you have other children. One Georgia stepfather is now facing murder charges that deal with the death of his 11-year-old son. Police are saying that Michael David Smith, 32, a second grade teacher in Clayton County, Georgia, was […]

50 Cent one-ups Martin Shkreli’s autism donation

50 Cent was in major hot water with the autism community earlier this week when he posted a video of himself unknowingly mocking an autistic teenager. Not surprisingly, 50 had to eat his words and apologize for the goof up. However, 50’s scandal ended up inspiring fellow public villain Martin Shkreli to donate money to […]

50 Cent’s autism bashing scandal inspires unlikely hero

50 Cent is no stranger at all to being the public bad guy, but this week he found himself in a unique kind of trouble when he was criticized for making fun of an autistic man in an embarrassing video. Although most people were left shaking their heads at 50’s goof up, the rap mogul seems […]

Chicago Bulls star Nazr Mohammed hosts 4th annual ‘All In For Autism’ benefit event

Chicago Bulls center and native Chicagoan Nazr Mohammed, in conjunction with the Nazr Mohammed Foundation, recently hosted his 4th annual fundraiser benefit for autism research. The swanky affair was held at the chic Galleria Marchetti and featured a casino theme in addition to a raffle and a silent auction benefiting Easter Seals Metropolitan Chicago and the Turning Pointe […]

Help pardon autistic 11-year-old Kayleb Moon-Robinson

It is estimated that 1 in 81 Black children are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Boys are diagnosed at a rate five times higher than girls. Unfortunately, this also means that many Black boys are often disciplined more harshly than others with the disorder. Such is the case for Kayleb Moon-Robinson of Virginia who is […]

Recognizing early warning signs of autism in your child

Black children are less likely to be diagnosed with autism or the Autism Spectrum Disorder than white children. Some of this can be attributed to the parents not recognizing that their child is at risk until a later age. Here are 13 warning signs that every parent should recognize in their child when it comes to […]

Black children and the economics of autism

There is a silent epidemic sweeping America and it affects the black community the hardest. This epidemic is autism and what is known as the Autism Spectrum Disorders, ASD. This condition is a developmental disability of severe chronic conditions due to mental and/or physical impairments. For people with developmental disabilities, major life activities such as […]

Whistleblower says CDC not upfront about autism risk for black boys

For many parents having a child with autism is a unique hardship. There has been discussion in the news regarding giving children vaccinations and the link to autism. A 2004 study by the CDC titled “Examining the possibility of a relationship between an MMR vaccine and Autism,” concluded that the vaccination did not cause autism. […]

Sustainability expert Felicia Phillips talks green initiatives and how her children inspire her

Felicia Phillips is the managing partner of Fillips International, Inc. an Atlanta-based sustainability consulting and training firm that assists businesses with establishing the framework for their sustainable initiatives. As an entrepreneur for more than 20 years, Phillips has assisted in business development and raising capital for small and mid-sized businesses. She will be speaking this […]

Air pollution and traffic fumes increase risk of Autism

Harvard School of Public Health has revealed that pregnant women who live in polluted areas, double their risk of giving birth to an autistic child, especially boys. The researchers found that the biggest offenders are diesel particulates and mercury. Lead author and research associate in the HSPH Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences Dr. Andrea Roberts reports, […]