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Amanda Seales slams Shannon Sharpe for ‘interrogation’ interview

Seales clarifies her statement that she is autistic
Amanda Seales (Photo credit: / Kathy Hutchins)

Comedienne Amanda Seales ripped Shannon Sharpe for turning his “Club Shay Shay” podcast into an “interrogation” after she said she was diagnosed with autism.

Seales, 42, recapped the portion of the interview on her Instagram page that broached the topic of autism to point out how unfair Sharpe was to her.

“Shannon: But have you been clinically diagnosed?”

Me: “Yes, there is a clinical diagnosis for autism. 

“He then hung his head and exhaled in frustration because I did not answer his question.” 

She continued, saying, “This is called deflection. Why? Because I was not going to be pressured by this man who was interrogating me with absolutely zero love for me into proving something to him. By his line of questioning, he had already committed to undermining.”

Seales knows that her response “may be confusing to some,” and therefore returned to the topic to work towards “clarifying.”

Seales defended her autism diagnosis against those who claim it “is not valid” because it did not come from a trained physician.

“What’s not valid is people speaking on things that they don’t know about,” she said on IG. “My autism diagnosis is not for you all to discuss. It’s not up for your debate.” She added that those who question a diagnosis that did not come from a clinician are proving that they don’t know anything about the topic.

”This is further proof of why we as Black people, particularly in Black media spaces, are our own worst enemy.”

Seales also warned fans that those who continue to try to “degrade” and “defame” her in the comments will be blocked.

“I again will no longer argue what I know with what you think,” Seales barked.

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