Hype Williams Directing First Film Since Cult Classic ‘Belly’

Hype Williams became a household name after making such groundbreaking moves in the 90s as a video director for artists such as the Notorius B.I.G. and Missy Elliot. And after the critical acclaim of the cult classic Belly, which starred hip hop stars DMX and Nas, many wondered if the Hip-Hop film pioneer would ever direct another feature film. Well, according to BET:

Hype Williams is looking to take his second shot at directing a feature film, helming the suspenseful drama Lust. Described as “Fatal Attraction in reverse,” the film is based on the story of a 30-year-old man married to an older Miami-based magazine publisher. The film’s screenplay was written by Basic Instinct writer Joe Eszterhas and is going into production with a $28 million budget. Williams will shoot the film in New York and Miami.

Will you be watching Hype’s latest effort?

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