White Arizona State University Students Wear Blackface at Football Game

White Arizona State University Students Wear Blackface at Football Game

Arizona State University recently revealed their new black uniforms in game against the Missouri Tigers. To encourage school pride, the teams asked its fans to dress in all-black attire. But while the majority of students showed up to the game in black clothing, four insensitive white females decided to paint their faces black.

Their images were seen around the world during the ESPN televised game. However, the most disturbing part of the entire incident is the defense of the white students in blackface. Thousands of individuals hit ASU’s message board to speak out against those who were offended by the students.

“If your [sic] white or any light-skinned Hispanic or Asian you have the right to paint your face any damn color you want. If a black man or woman has an issue with it … tough ta-ta’s,” one person posted.

It’s not unusual for ignorance and racial insensitivity to be on display in Arizona, but ASU should discipline the students. Furthermore, the NCAA should fine ASU for allowing the students to enter the game in blackface.

ASU is a school that heavily depends on black athletes to keep their sports programs competitive. If every black athlete left that school, the institution would lose millions of dollars.

It’s important for ASU school officials to punish the four knuckleheads and issue an apology to the entire black student body. –amir shaw

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