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Beyoncé Launching Record Label and Forming Boy Band

Pop superstar Beyoncé is already has the makings to become the next big female mogul, boasting her own fashion line, and a collection of popular fragrances. And with a father like music executive Mathew Knowles and a husband like Hip-Hop mogul Jay-Z, it was only a matter of time before Beyoncé expanded her empire into music, recently announcing that she plans to launch her own record label.

“I am starting my company, my label.” Beyoncé told the Associated Press. “I see so many male artists building these empires and passing their knowledge on to other artists and development. I see myself doing the same thing and hopefully other younger artists when they grow up and they have been around for 15, 20 years, they can do the same thing.”

Though Beyoncé is pushing for girl power, she’s looking to the boys for her next musical venture. Surely inspired by her own days as a member of the multiplatinum girl group Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé claims that she plans to start her own boy band.

“I want to create a boy band,” Beyoncé said. “I want to continue to produce and do documentaries and music videos. I eventually want to start directing for other artists. Once I know that I have my stuff together and I trust that, I can do it for other artists.”

With her recent announcement that she and Jay-Z are expecting their first child, Beyoncé’s plans of music domination will surely make her already busy life even more hectic. But the 4 singer says she’s working on bringing some “balance” to her life. “I am still working on balance and still growing,” said Beyoncé. – nicholas robinson


  1. Eervin44 on September 26, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    Good for her, Giving others a chance at there goal in life, Great Job Bey:)