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How Have Steve Jobs and Apple Affected Your Life? iGeneration Speaks Out

How have Steve Jobs and Apple affected your life?

1. Rachel Green – The technology that Steve Jobs and Apple has given me via my Mac Pro has cut my workload in half. Click and drag is my best friend. Apple products have turned shabby PowerPoints into masterpieces! So sad to hear of his passing.

2. Brian Sleet – I don’t really mess with Apple but I respect Steve Jobs because he changed the way all companies imagined technology. I don’t know if you remember home computers before the Mac, which gave birth to Windows, or how touchscreen used to work before the iPhone. Old touchscreens worked just like desktops … the old tablets were nightmares; the iPhone changed it all.

3. Sanicole Young – I guess I wouldn’t really have a career. Realizing that everything that I’ve accomplished in my career as a filmmaker and editor has been through an apple computer … as I type my response on a Mac right now!

4. Niena Drake – Steve Jobs has changed the world. I use my Mac and iPhone every single day. Apple has allowed me to create and share things more easily. I believe if everyone had a Mac, everyone would be smarter, and the world would be a much more beautiful place.

5. David Leonard – He revolutionized the world of computers and technology. I’m not really all that tech savvy, but Jobs was able to spark more of an interest in me for that world that I ordinarily wouldn’t have had. He also revolutionized the way we receive and listen to music. People sometimes overly use the word “legend,” but in the case of Steve Jobs, he’s definitely a true legend.

6. Angela Quates – Jobs and Apple have taught me that I didn’t have to accept what was given to me as technology, with imagination I could make it what I wanted.

7. Veronica Shanklin – Steve Jobs has not only affected my life but he had a profound effect on society as a whole and revolutionized the way we do so many things. From music, to movies, to computers, to design. Technology will never be the same.

8. Courtney Anderson – I’m a Mac/Apple lover. I think he was a visionary who really was cutting edge in the way he presented Apple to the world making us want & need everything that he put in front of us. I became a crazy person everytime a new iphone was released

9. Natasha Noreiga – Are you kidding? I’m typing to you on my mac book pro right now, and my iphone is my best friend! Plus without my ipod I’d be horribly out of shape because I’d have no music to give me a 2nd 3rd and forth wind when I’m jogging.

10. Itika Oldwine – Steve Jobs’ genius has defined the way we approach technology. The products that he launched through Apple took efficiency, style and design and mixed them all together to give my generation products that made all of our lives unbeliveably easier from the workplace to the home. His legend will live on forever.

-Compiled by TJ Armour